Which Diesel Tank?

Diesel fuel storage tanks have come a long, long way from simply consisting of a single skin metal tank precariously balanced on blocks, attached to a flexible hose and trigger nozzle. Today’s range of diesel storage and fuel dispensing tanks are brimming with the very latest fuel storage and delivery technology, thereby ensuring compliance with the most demanding regulations and requirements.

Regulatory Compliance

All static diesel fuel tanks supplied by TankDepot.co.uk have been engineered from the outset to ensure full compliance with all current and envisaged fuel storage requirements, including:

  • British Standard BS5410

Which capacity?

The optimum fuel tank for any diesel storage application, will be dependent upon:

  • The number of vehicles being refuelled on an ongoing basis
  • The type of vehicle which is being refuelled
  • The frequency of refuelling

The table below provides a summary of how many times a selection of vehicles can be filled from each model in the TankDepot.co.uk range.

Please note however that vehicle fuel tank capacities may vary from model to model and manufacturer to manufacturer. Therefore, the values below should only be considered as estimates.

Fuel Tank Capacity Table


Tank Model
Ride On
65 fills
125 fills
175 fills
250 fills
450 fills
500 fills
Small Car Derived Van
30 fills
50 fills
70 fills
105 fills
1189 fills
210 fills
Family Hatchback
25 fills
45 fills
63 fills
90 fills
162 fills
180 fills
Full Size Panel Van
18 fills
30 fills
42 fills
60 fills
108 fills
120 fills
7.5 Tonne Truck
11 fills
20 fills
28 fills
40 fills
72 fills
80 fills
Midi Type Bus
6 fills
11 fills
15 fills
22 fills
40 fills
45 fills
44 Tonne Truck
3 fills
5 fills
7 fills
11 fills
19 fills
22 fills
Agricultural Tractor
2 fills
3 fills
4 fills
7 fills
12 fills
14 fills
Combine Harvester
2 fills
3 fills
4 fills
7 fills
11 fills
13 fills

Additionally, it is worth giving consideration to buying a slightly larger fuel tank than may be required. This allows you to stock up with diesel when prices are lower and extends the period between refills.

Mobile Diesel Dispensing Fuel Tanks

For mobile Diesel storage and dispensing, TankDepot.co.uk now offers a range of purpose designed, ‘Truckmaster’ type Diesel fuel dispensing Tanks.

Please note whilst these tanks must be placed within a suitably bunded area when used as static storage and dispensing tanks and where tank capacity exceeds 200 litres.

PS …don’t forget the Adblue!


Where there’s a requirement to store DERV, there’s also often a requirement to store Adblue too. That’s why TankDepot.co.uk offers one of the UK’s biggest ranges of Adblue Dispensing Tanks. And because TankDepot.co.uk is an independent Adblue Tank supplier… buying your Adblue Tank from TankDepot.co.uk puts you in control.

At TankDepot.co.uk, we sell tanks – not Adblue. Therefore, when you choose an Adblue Tank from TankDepot.co.uk, you choose who fills your Adblue Tank and when they fill it. At TankDepot.co.uk, there are no minimum purchase volumes, no minimum contract periods and no strings… just a great range of premium quality, British made, Adblue Storage and Dispensing Tanks.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION Every effort is made to keep this area of the site up to date. However, TankDepot.co.uk cannot be held liable for errors and omissions. Legal compliance is the user’s responsibility. If you have concerns over compliance, you must seek professional advice, or contact your or local building standards or environmental authority. Additionally, TankDepot.co.uk recommends that all storage tanks should be installed only by a competent person e.g. an installer registered with The Oil Firing Technical Association (OFTEC). Please note that TankDepot.co.uk will not be responsible for any installation which is non-compliant with prevailing statutory requirements.