Spin Secure 2 inch Fuel Tank Lock

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Product Overview 

Spin Secure’s Fuel Tank Lock is a locking device that will fit to the standard 2″ fill point fitted to most fuel tanks. Its clever design utilises patented Spin Secure technology so that when the cap is locked, it spins freely and is almost impossible to remove.

By contrast, most existing locking caps are supplied in two pieces and many make no provision for the installation of a locking device. Where a locking mechanism is supplied, it all too often is secured in place using low quality padlocks, which can often easily be removed or broken.

Spin Secure’s Tank Lock eliminates this problem due to its one piece, padlock free design and as a result there are no torque points for forced entry using crow bars, thereby ensuring your fuel tank and its contents are as safe and secure as possible.

Equipment Specification

Each Spin Secure Fuel Tank Lock is supplied complete with:

  • Spin Secure Fuel Tank Lock Locking Cap
  • 3 Keys
  • Integral Weatherproof Gasket

The Spin Secure 2″ Fuel Tank Lock is designed as standard for use with 2″ BSP Male Fill Points as fitted to the majority of oil storage tanks sold and installed in the UK.
For the few oil tanks incorporating a 2″ BSP Female Thread, the Tank Lock can be supplied at an additional cost with an optional adapter – simply specify your requirements when placing your order. If you are unsure which product you require, please call our Customer Support Team on 01332 834 141 for assistance.


Suitable for any fuel oil tank supplied with standard 2” Male or Female Fill Points – specfiy at time of order placement – including fuel tanks fitted with Overfill Prevention Valves.

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