Harlequin Bunded Tank Security Pack

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Harlequin Bunded Tank Security Pack

Product Overview

Harlequin’s Bunded Tank Security Pack has been specifically designed for use with selected Harlequin Bunded Oil Tanks and Bunded Fuel Tanks. The pack incorporates Harlequin’s unique Spin Secure Bunded Tank Lock. which can act as an important visual deterrent against heating oil and fuel oil theft, whilst denying access to the determined as well as the opportunist thief.

Spin Secure Bunded Tank Lock

The revolutionary Spin Secure Tank Lock is affixed to either the manhole of Harlequin Bunded Heating Oil Tanks, or the cabinet of Harlequin 1400FP and 2500FP Fuel Points. The device spins freely when locked and is almost impossible to remove without a key.

The Tank Lock is supplied complete with all immediate fittings as standard including:

  • Threaded Lid Pin
  • M16 Nyloc Nut

It can be retrofitted in minutes with no specialist skills or tools required.


  • Low cost protection against the risk of fuel theft
  • Easily installed with no specialist tools required
  • Visible deterrent

Spin Secure Bunded Tank Lock

  • Can be fitted in seconds
  • Restricts access to the inner tank
  • Unlike combination locks there are no numbers to memorise and to forget
  • No torque points to facilitate forced entry


Suitable for use with the following products manufactured on or after 1 May 2011:

  • Harlequin Basic Bunded Heating Oil Tanks
  • Harlequin Fuel Point Bunded Diesel Tanks with a capacity less than 3,000 litres

Important Information: Spin Secure Bunded Tank Lock

Please note the Spin Secure Tank Lock is unsuitable for Harlequin Bunded Heating Oil Tank or Bunded Fuel Tank produced before 1 May 2011. Additionally, this product is unsuitable for tanks produced by any other fuel tank manufacturer.

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