Cim-Tek Tank Dryer

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Product Overview

The Cim-Tek Tank Dryer is a sacrificial, passive water absorbent, which removes water from stored fuel. Manufactured from a super-absorbent polymer, the device rests on the base of the tank and is attached to the fill area via the attached cord and clip.

When the Tank Dryer becomes saturated it begins to swell and when fully swollen, the Tank Dryer should be removed and discarded responsibly. It is recommended that each Tank Dryer should be inspected weekly and replaced at least every three months.

As a passive system, the Tank Dryer does not interfere with flow rates, making it ideal for use with tanks connected to fuel delivery systems. A Tank Dryer is supplied with every new Harlequin Fuel Station and can be supplied as an option on Harlequin Fuel Points.

Ideal for preventative maintenance programmes.


Suitable for the removal of residual water from storage tanks containing Agricultural Fuel Oil, Biodiesel, Diesel, Fuel Oil, Heating Oil and Kerosene.

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