Apollo Visual Oil Level Monitor / Gauge

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Apollo Visual Oil Level Monitor, builds upon the success of the original Apollo Tank Contents Gauge but usefully incorporates at tank monitoring functionality

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Apollo Visual Oil Level Monitor

Apollo Oil Level Monitors are the revolutionary way to take control of your fuel, allowing you to monitor the level of fuel in your oil tank outside, from the warmth and comfort of being inside your home or office.

The Apollo Visual Oil Level Monitor, builds upon the success of the original Apollo Tank Contents Gauge, but usefully incorporates local as well as remote reading functionality, via the transmitter unit’s inbuilt LCD display. Usefully, this permits fuel delivery personnel to monitor the level of fuel inside the tank before, during and after refueling, reducing the risk of an overfill.

Like the original Apollo, the Apollo Visual consists of a transmitter and receiver unit. The transmitter unit is fitted to the oil tank and measures the level of fuel inside using ultrasonic technology. This information is displayed on the transmitter’s integral LCD display and also relayed wirelessly to the receiver unit. For ease of installation, the receiver cleverly and conveniently plugs into a standard domestic socket.

Every Apollo Ultrasonic Tank Level Monitor is supplied complete with long life lithium battery, full instructions and immediate fittings as standard.


The Apollo Visual Fuel Level Monitor is suitable for use with any tank up to 3 metres tall, storing Adblue, Biodiesel to British Standard BS EN14214, Heating Oil / Kerosene (C1/C2); Diesel (D), Agricultural Fuel Oils to British Standard BS2869 and Water.


Fitted as standard by more plastic oil tank manufacturers in the UK and Republic of Ireland than any other gauging system, Apollo Oil Tank Contents Gauges are the modern, convenient way to take control of your fuel! The Apollo Visual offers the following benefits:

  • Quick and easy to install with no specialist tools or wiring required
  • Inbuilt local and remote reading capability
  • Easily calibrated
  • Long life lithium battery with a life expectancy of up to 10 years
  • Twelve months warranty
  • Transmission range of up to 200 metres
  • Fully compatible with Apollo RMS depot based monitoring systems
  • No probes, floats, immersed sensors or moving parts
  • Suitable for almost any oil tank up to 3 metres tall
  • Robust design and construction
  • ATEX compliant
  • Visual and audible low level warning alarm
  • Utilises high quality FM transmissions

Every Apollo Oil Tank Monitor product must be installed by a suitably competent person in accordance with statutory requirements.

Technical Specifications

Tank Depth measurement Minimum depth : 0,1 m, Maximum depth : 3 m
Max communication distance 200m in normal ‘line of sight’ conditions
Power Supply Receiver: 150-250V, 50-60Hz, Meets EN60335
Transmitter: 3-volt lithium cell ( 3V-CR2450) Battery life 7-10 years (estimated life)
Wireless communications 433 mHz.
FM transmission, EN 300-220
Max and Min Operation Temp (Transmitter) Operating temperature range -10° – +60°C

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