Apollo Smart Alarm Heating Oil Energy Monitor

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The world’s first heating oil energy monitor, the Apollo Smart monitors fuel level, consumption and heating costs.



Apollo Smart Alarm Heating Oil Energy Monitor

The world’s first heating oil energy monitor, Apollo Smart is designed for use with oil fired central heating systems. And now, by incorporating an anti-theft alarm, Apollo Smart has just got even smarter! Unlike traditional oil tank contents gauges, Apollo Smart allows you to monitor and track:

  • Fuel volume in litres and as a percentage of tank capacityApollo Smart with Anti Theft Alarm
  • Energy costs in £ Sterling or € Euros
  • Heating oil consumption in litres
  • Carbon emissions in kgCO2

Cost, consumption and emissions data is retained for up to 12 months and can be analysed on a daily, weekly, monthly and annual basis.

By monitoring key indicators of system efficiency, Apollo Smart helps to reduce reduce heating oil consumption, energy costs and CO2 emissions. And the new, anti-theft alarm, activates an audible alarm on the receiver unit, in the event of a sudden decrease in the level of fuel stored inside the tank.


  • Measures the level of fuel inside your tank every 17 seconds
  • Access key performance data at the press of a button
  • Days to empty function calculates number of days supply remaining
  • Displays internal room temperature
  • Inbuilt audible and visual low level warning alerts
  • Volume of useable fuel displayed in litres and as %age of tank capacity
  • Consumption, cost and emissions data retained for up to 12 months
  • Suitable for use with almost any tank up to 3m tall
  • Inbuilt anti-theft alarm
  • Interchangeable UK & European mains plug

How It Works

The Apollo Smart transmitter unit can be quickly fitted to almost any oil tank, via the industry standard 32mm diameter aperture, found on most heating oil tanks. The transmitter monitors the level of fuel inside the tanks and cleverly incorporates an inbuilt level display, allowing fuel delivery personnel to monitor tank levels before, during and after delivery.

Data is relayed from the transmitter to the receiver unit, which can be positioned up to 150 metres away, where it is analysed and displayed on an easy to read LCD display. In the event of a sudden decrease in the level of stored fuel, an audible alarm will be activated on the receiver unit.

The receiver unit simply plugs into a standard electrical socket – so there are no batteries to lose or run out.


Every Apollo Smart system is supplied complete with:

  • Tank transmitter unit complete with integral level display and long life, lithium battery
  • Oil resistant, neoprene gasket with self tappers
  • Receiver unit incorporating LCD display with combined 1.5m USB / power cable
  • Interchangeable UK & European mains AC adpator plug
  • Product instructions
  • Alarm warning sticker

Technical Specifications

Tank Depth measurement Minimum depth : 0,1 m, Maximum depth : 3 m
Max communication distance 200m in normal ‘line of sight’ conditions
Power Supply Receiver: 150-250V, 50-60Hz, Meets EN60335
Transmitter: 3-volt lithium cell ( 3V-CR2430) Battery life 7-10 years (estimated life)
Wireless communications 433 mHz.
FM transmission, EN 300-220
Max and Min Operation Temp (Transmitter) Operating temperature range -10° – +60°C.
European and UK interchangeable plug included

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