Harlequin Manufacturing limited are a market leader in quality Fuel Storage Tanks. They have been producing rotationally moulded tanks for over 35 years. Harlequin Oil Tank, Diesel Tanks, Water Tanks and Adblue Tanks are all CE marked, so you can be sure of a quality made product.

Their Plastic Heating Oil Tanks are available as either Single Skin Tanks or Bunded Oil Tanks. All Harlequin Oil Tanks are suitable for storing Kerosene, Gas Oil, Derv and Diesel. Their Heating Oil and Kerosene Storage Tank range in sizes from 350 Litres to 9250 Litres.

Plastic Bunded Diesel Tanks from Harlequin come complete with dispensing and pumping equipment as standard. The entry level Fuel Point range, supplied complete with pumps, nozzles and hoses and the top of the range Fuel Station has extras, such as Fuel filters, Flow meters and longer hoses. The Diesel tank range, available in sizes from 1300 Litres to 9250 Litres

Water tanks from Harlequin include underground and above ground Tanks. The Water tanks range in sizes from 1100 Litres to 9250 Litres

Their Adblue Storage dispensing tanks, the Harlequin Blue Station comes complete with all Adblue dispensing and Pumping equipment required. The Adblue range in sizes from 1400 Litres to 9250 litres.

Harlequin also offer Storage bunkers for Coal, Solid Fuels, Grit and Road Salt.

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