Atlas Tanks are manufactured by Kingspan Group PLC, the market leader in Oil Storage tanks. Atlas is their high quality brand for Heating Oil Tanks, Kerosene Tanks and Diesel Tanks.

Their Plastic Heating Oil Tanks are available as either Single Skin Tanks or Bunded Oil Tanks. The Bunded Oil Tank are complete with a Fitting Kit and Watchman Sonic. All Atlas Oil Tanks are suitable for storing Kerosene, Gas Oil, Derv and Diesel. This range of Heating Oil and Kerosene Storage Tank are available in sizes from 650 Litres to 5000 Litres.

Plastic Bunded Diesel Tanks from Atlas come complete with dispensing and pumping equipment as standard. The entry level Fuel Depot Utility range, supplied complete with pumps, nozzles and hoses and the Fuel Depot has extras, such as Flow meters and Watchman Contents Gauge. The Diesel tank range is available in sizes from 1300 Litres to 5000 Litres

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