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Harlequin 10000BBT Bunded BioDiesel Tank

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£5,995.00 ex VAT
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Product Information
Product Reference: 10000BBT
Maximum Capacity: 10100 litres
Nominal Capacity: 9595 litres
Length: 3250 mm
Width: 2800 mm
Height: 3350 mm
Material: MDPE Plastic
UV Stabilised: Yes


Product Overview
Harlequin BioBund Bunded Biodiesel Storage Tanks have been engineered to exceed the most demanding technical, environmental and statutory requirements throughout the United Kingdom and across the European Union. Incorporating inbuilt intelligence as standard, Harlequin BioBunds are supplied complete with bund safety sensor, failsafe overfill warning capability and electronic oil tank contents gauge.
Ideal for the safe, secure and environmentally responsible storage of BioDiesel blends up to B100 and produced in accordance with the requirements of British Standard BS EN14214. Suitable for installation at commercial, industrial, institutional, domestic and agricultural premises, every BioBund exceeds all current and envisaged oil storage regulations throughout the United Kingdom.
Standard Equipment
Rotationally moulded bunded plastic oil tank supplied complete with:
  • 2” BSP Remote Fill Point with Screw Cap and Chain
  • Anti Siphon Valve and Lever Type Isolation Valve
  • 4” Inspection Aperture with Plastic Screw Cap
  • 2” Vent
  • 1” Oil Tank Contents Gauge Fitting Point
  • Electronic Oil Tank Contents Gauge
  • Harlequin Electronic Bund Warning Alarm
  • LRC Failsafe Overfill Prevention Probe
  • Lockable Cabinet Access
  • 1" diameter Stainless Steel Suction Pipe
  • Non Return Valve
  • 80 micron Strainer
Biodiesel Fuel Tank Security
Harlequin Bunded Fuel Tank: Spin Secure Tank LockIn response to growing concerns over heating oil theft, every Harlequin BioBund Biodiesel Tank supplied by, now comes complete with a revolutionary Spin Secure Tank Lock. Affixed to the outer manhole lid, the device spins freely when locked and is almost impossible to remove without a key. Access to the inner tank is controlled via an externally mounted, lockable fill point and an internal 4" lockable inspection cap - both ready to accept combination, key and electronic padlocks.
Additionally, access to the cabinet is controlled by two lockable door spigots, which are compatible with almost any key activated, combination or electronic padlock. 
Bunded plastic Biodiesel storage tank suitable for the above ground storage of:
  • Biodiesel produced in accordance with the requirements of BS EN14214
  • Diesel (D) 

Suitable for installation at single family dwellings, agricultural, commercial, industrial and institutional premises. Additionally, every Harlequin BioBund is also ideal for connection to remotely located fuel dispensing units.

Installation Requirements
Please note that all oil tanks should only be installed by a suitably competent person in accordance with supplied instructions and statutory requirements.
Product Information
Additional product information can be obtained by downloading the Harlequin BioBund Biodiesel Storage Tank Brochure - click the link below:
Delivery and Payment
Price(s) stated are inclusive of delivery to any address in Great Britain or Northern Ireland, excluding offshore locations and subject to access for an articulated lorry. If access to your premises is restricted please advise at time of order placement.
Please note it is the customer’s responsibility to arrange for the tank to be offloaded from the delivery vehicle to the customer’s premises. Please allow up to 10 working days for delivery. accepts Delta, Maestro / Switch, Mastercard and Visa. Your credit / debit card will be charged at time of order placement.
IMPORTANT INFORMATION Please note that all images are supplied for reference purposes only. All dimensions and capacities stated are approximate. Maximum capacity stated is equivalent to the brimful capacity of the tank. Nominal capacities stated are equivalent to 95% of actual capacity. Consistent with’s policy of continual improvement, the right is reserved to amend product specifications without notice.
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