Crude Awakening: Fact or Fiction?

26th October 2007
November sees the general release in British cinemas of a brand new film examining the world’s dependency on oil.

Entitled ‘A Crude Awakening’, the film explores the concept of ‘peak oil theory’, which states that the world may well be past its maximum in terms of oil production. Furthermore, it investigates the social and political implications of this theory and what it means for global energy use.

Jeremy Hawksley, Director General of the Oil Firing Technical Association (OFTEC), welcomed the film and said it was an interesting contribution to the debate on oil reserves.

However, Jeremy added “OFTEC believes there is a long term future for the worldwide oil heating and cooking market. Increasing use of higher efficiency appliances in the United Kingdom means people will need less fuel to produce the same amount of energy.”

Since April 2007, all domestic oil boilers installed in England and Wales should be high efficiency or condensing models.

Jeremy added, “In addition, the introduction of carbon neutral bio-kerosene fuels over the next few years will reduce our dependency on fossil fuels.”

Most domestic oil heating installations in the UK are fuelled by Kerosene – a clean, high efficiency fuel which is closely related to the fuel which is used by jet airliners. In what is perhaps a glimpse into the future, aero engine giant Rolls Royce recently announced that it is to begin liquid BioKerosene trials with Air New Zealand and US aircraft manufacturer, Boeing.

Ahead of the launch of BioKerosene, UK storage tank manufacturers have already began making preparations for the arrival of Biofuel. Earlier this year, Kingspan subsidiary Titan  launched their range of BioMaster 30 BioDiesel storage tanks suitable for the storage of BioDiesel blends with a bio-element of up to 30%.

And more recently Harlequin went one step further with the launch of a new range of BioFuel Stations which are suitable for the storage of BioDiesel with a bio-element of up to 100%.

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