Harlequin launches new BioFuel Station range at BioDiesel Expo

15th October 2007
Harlequin 10000BFS BioFuel Station Bunded BioDiesel TankLeading UK storage tank manufacturer Harlequin, has unveiled its new BioFuel Station range at BioDiesel Expo – Europe’s biggest BioDiesel Exhibition. Engineered specifically for the storage and dispensing of BioDiesel, Harlequin’s BioFuel Station range is the result of an intensive development process, undertaken in partnership with international polymer suppliers and Italian fuel equipment specialist, Piusi.
The all-new BioFuel Station range has been engineered specifically for the safe, secure and environmentally responsible storage and dispensing of BioDiesel Grades of up to B100 i.e. BioDiesel with a bio element of up to 100% concentration. The first of a new generation of fuel tanks manufactured from a recently developed BioDiesel resistant polymer grade, every Harlequin BioFuel Station is bristling with the very latest fuel storage and delivery technology.
Speaking on the Harlequin stand at BioDiesel Expo, Harlequin’s Sales & Marketing Manager, John Switzer said, “BioDiesel is a specialist fuel, which requires specialist containment, and is inherently unsuitable for storage in tanks manufactured from standard oil tank grades of polyethylene.

”In developing the BioFuel Station range, our Research & Development Team has worked closely with leading international polymer suppliers. The result is a product which is manufactured from an advanced, fully recyclable, BioDiesel resistant polymer, which is inherently fit for purpose, and which is compliant with all applicable British and European fuel storage requirements, including The Control of Pollution (Oil Storage) (England) Regulations 2001.”
Harlequin’s BioFuel Station range is available in a choice of capacities from 1,400 litres to 10,100 litres. Irrespective of capacity or model chosen, every Harlequin BioFuel Station is fully ‘bunded’. A bunded tank, consists of a tank within a tank. Fuel is stored inside the inner tank, with the outer tank acting as secondary containment area in the event of a spillage. Bunded tanks are today a legal requirement at most agricultural, commercial, industrial and institutional oil storage installations.

In developing the BioFuel Station range, Harlequin’s engineers have built upon the success of the company’s existing range of Fuel Station and Fuel Point tanks, designed for the storage and dispensing of regular Diesel. As you’d expect from a company with a manufacturing pedigree stretching back across 26 years, Harlequin’s BioFuel Stations are uniquely well appointed.
Every BioFuel Station is supplied complete with added value extras as standard, including 240v Piusi BioDiesel compatible pump, automatic shut off nozzle, Apollo electronic oil tank level monitor, bulkhead light, lockable cabinet access, replaceable 10 micron BioDiesel particulate filter, emergency isolation switch, failsafe overfill prevention capability and integral, weatherproof venting.  
A mechanical flow meter can be supplied on all 1,400 litre and 2,500 litre models, and on larger capacity 5,000 litre and 10,000 litre models - a high accuracy, digital flow meter is supplied as standard.

Larger capacity models can also be specified complete with Piusi fuel management system, suitable for use with up to 80 users – allowing storage tank owners to take control of their fuel, and minimising the risk of fuel theft and fraud. A bund warning alarm is fitted as standard on all 5,000 litre and 10,000 litre models and is an extra cost option on smaller capacity models.

For colder climates, Arctic Grade models are also available which additionally and usefully incorporate an insulated inner tank and a thermostatically activated heat trace system.
The integrated insulation and heating system ensures that at low temperatures, the viscosity of stored fuel remains unchanged. Arctic Grade models are recommended for the storage of BioDiesel in colder climates, and will not normally be required at most installations within the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland, when stored fuel has been produced in accordance with the Summer and Winter fuel requirements detailed within British Standard BS EN14214.
Production of BioFuel Stations is set to commence shortly at Harlequin’s Advanced Manufacturing Facility in Northern Ireland, with deliveries expected to commence to UK customers, during November 2007. Shortly afterwards, sales are scheduled to commence in other European markets including the Republic of Ireland, Belgium, Denmark, France and Luxembourg.
For more information on the new BioFuel Station range, together with Harlequin’s complete range of Single Skin and Bunded Heating Oil Tanks, Fuel Station and Fuel Point Bunded Diesel Tanks, and ORB Bunded Waste Oil Tanks, visit Harlequin Online at www.oil-tanks.co.uk or purchase online at www.tankdepot.co.uk.

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