Environment Agency Urges Businesses To Check Their Oil Tanks

3rd October 2007
The Environment Agency is reminding businesses to check their oil storage facilities to make sure they don't leak.

Every year the Agency deals with around 5000 incidents involving oil pollution, of which a significant number are due to faulty oil storage facilities. If an organisation's oil tank leaks, they can face unlimited fines, a bill that can run into thousands of pounds for the clean-up, increased insurance costs and possibly, third party litigation.

Jeremy Hay, Environment Agency officer said, "With proper planning and maintenance much of the pollution caused by oil could be avoided, together with the high costs of clean-up and possible prosecution which can follow.

'We are keen to help businesses with the regulations and have lots of information and advice on how to store oil available to organisations from our web site or by phoning us. We can also advise on specific sites if required.

'We would far rather help companies store their oil correctly in the first place, than have to take enforcement action when things go wrong."

Any commercial or industrial facility which stores more than 200 litres of oil in oil storage tanks, IBCs, drums and any other containers must comply with the oil storage regulations of 2001, to which all existing facilities had to comply by 1 September 2005. These regulations aim to combat pollution which can come from poorly maintained or badly planned storage facilities.

Organisations whose oil storage facilities don't comply with the regulations are likely to have formal enforcement action, including prosecution, taken against them.

There are some exemptions to the Oil Storage Regulations, but organisations should check with the Environment Agency what they need to do.

To contact the Environment Agency about oil storage, please call 08708 506 506 or click here to visit the Environment Agency online.

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Article Last Updated 3rd October 2007
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