There is still no beating Oil Heating, says OFTEC

10th September 2007
Heating your home with oil is much cheaper than using LPG or electricity in the UK, according to the latest figures.

Compiled by independent energy experts, Sutherland Tables, the latest figures report that it is 41% cheaper to heat your home with oil rather than LPG and 28% cheaper than using electricity in the UK.

The independent results are based on average running costs per annum for heating a three bedroom home, with oil costing around £727 compared to £1,223 for LPG (including the cost of tank rental) and £1,012 for electricity.

OFTEC Marketing Manager, Barry Edge, said “The new data proves that oil is still the most attractive and viable fuel option for the many homes across the UK who don't have access to mains gas.”

Despite wood pellets boasting marginally lower running costs, oil is much easier to store and recent figures from Eurofuel show that particulate emissions for this type of fuel, are five times higher than for oil.

Oil storage tanks come in all shapes and sizes and unlike with solid fuel there is no need to consider the possibility of manual loading. The Harlequin Oil Tank Range alone spans dozens of different models and sizes, from 350 litres to the ’supersized’ 10,000 litres!

Solid fuels offer hopper solutions, but this is not particularly practical for today's space conscious high density housing. Also with oil, you own your tank and can choose to change your supplier at any time. With other fuels like LPG, you are often tied to one supplier and may be subject to rental fees for the tank.

The oil market is very responsive to international trends and the recent reduction in global prices gives the UK oil consumer much better value.

For more information on oil heating and cooking, visit OFTEC online.
Article reproduced with permission from Harlequin Oil Tanks.

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