Harlequin Goes Back To The Future!

4th September 2007
Leading storage tank manufacturer Harlequin has began fitting dipsticks to the company’s range of single skin and bunded oil storage tanks.
The move follows a preview of the concept at this year’s Federation of Petroleum Suppliers’ Annual Conference & Exhibition in Telford, Shropshire. Subsequent discussions with fuel distributors, revealed widespread support for this simple, yet highly effective initiative, designed to make fuel deliveries even easier and safer.
Harlequin’s Sales & Marketing Manager, John Switzer says, “Remote electronic contents gauges such as the Apollo are great for householders and forthcoming developments such as the Apollo Visual, will make them ideal for fuel delivery personnel too.
“Having consulted extensively with fuel distributors and tanker drivers, many delivery personnel still demonstrate a perfectly understandable preference for a visual reference point, prior to filling. For many years, the sight gauge fulfilled this purpose admirably. However, evermore demanding environmental Regulations, make it impractical to fit a sight gauge at many modern, heating oil and diesel storage installations. Therefore at Harlequin, we’re set to go back to the future with the introduction of dipsticks as standard on selected 2008 Model Year tanks.”
Harlequin’s new dipstick is cleverly and conveniently attached to the underside of the storage tank’s inspection cap. This ensures there is no need to ever remove it from the tank and prevents it from falling inside. when read against a level indication plate fitted to each tank, the calibrated dipstick allows an estimate to be made, of the amount of fuel inside.
Harlequin has already commenced fitting dipsticks to some 2008 Model Year Heating Oil and Diesel Storage Tanks with capacities between 1,000 and 2,700 litres. The Northern Ireland based company, expects the initiative to be phased in over the next 3 months, and dipsticks are set to be fitted as standard to over 80% of the company’s storage tank range.
“As an environmentally responsible business, Harlequin is fully committed to minimising the impact of the company’s activities upon the environment. The introduction of dipsticks is entirely consistent with that. Their introduction is also consistent with our commitment to offer common sense fuel and liquid storage solutions, that work.
“Indeed, given the inherent simplicity and affordability of fitting a dipstick to most storage tanks, we’re very surprised that more tank manufacturers in the UK and Republic of Ireland, haven’t yet signalled their intention to follow our lead.”, says John.
Established in 1981, Harlequin is today firmly established as the leading independent storage tank manufacturer in the UK. The company supplies a diverse and demanding customer base throughout the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland and exports to a growing number of mainland European markets including Belgium, Denmark and France. The Harlequin range consists of over eighty different models of Single Skin and Bunded Tanks, primarily engineered for the safe, secure and environmentally responsible storage of heating oil and diesel.

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