Fozmula enjoys Bundles of support from Harlequin

18th May 2007
When Fozmula - the UK’s leading name in liquid level monitoring systems – created its Bund Monitor device, little did it realise just how successful it would become, and in such a short period of time.

With sales into their thousands, this cleverly designed compact bund-space monitor (BM06) is in use with domestic and industrial users of heating oil and diesel/petrol storage tanks.

The natty device fits easily into a new or existing storage tank bund space, in minutes, with no technical know-how or skill needed.

The monitor gives immediate warnings of fuel leaking into the bund, whether caused through damage, faulty connection or overfill. The BM06 has a moulded housing which sits at the bottom of the bund space and is connected electrically and pneumatically to a control unit, comprising battery, test switch and high intensity LED.

“The product has already proved its worth with a number of customers”, said Les Line, Head of Sales at Fozmula. “Harlequin Oil Tanks being just one of them. They have bought thousands from us since placing their first order with us two years ago.”

UK based Harlequin are pioneers in the development of plastic fuel storage solutions throughout Europe and their significant demands have been met with the Fozmula Bund Monitor.

Their Head of Sales and Marketing, John Switzer is very positive about the technology and has this to say “We buy and install thousands of Bund Monitors from Fozmula every year into our huge range of Bunded Tanks for heating oil, diesel, admixtures, adblue and waste oils. We’ve come to rely on these valuable devices to perform an absolutely fundamental job during the service life of any of our Tanks.

We tried products from other suppliers in the past but these didn’t compare with the superior quality, reliability and performance characteristics offered by the Fozmula version. It’s also easy to fit, provides localised read-out and is surprisingly affordable! We have no plans to change our requirements for the foreseeable future and this particular little marvel will serve our needs for a long time yet”

The Bund Monitor from Fozmula addresses Environment Agency Regulations calling for oil and fuel tanks to have a double skin and bund space to reduce the risk of damage to the environment by fuel leakage.

The unit relies on two key parts combining to deliver the full operational function. These are a float switch, with a pneumatic lifter mechanism, which is secured in the bund; and an indicator housing a battery, an LED leakage alarm indicator and a press button to test/actuate the system.

The float switch is mounted on a vertical surface of the bund, at a height to suit the user, and transmits any tank leakage or liquid ingress into the bund.

To reduce battery drain, an electrical ‘push-to-close’ switch interrupts the circuit to the warning lamp until pressed or when the system needs to be interrogated to determine the level of leakage into the bund.

The float and indicator are linked by a length of flexible tubing, which carries the electrical wires between each unit and the pneumatic link. Supplied in either 2M or 4M lengths the tube cannot be shortened after manufacture, although it is able to lie in the bund without detriment to the system operation.

Fozmula has, for decades, been developing and manufacturing sensors, gauges and systems for liquid-level switching and sensing. Its stem float liquid level sensors and switches and mechanical spiral gauges are used by companies all over the world.

The company manufactures and distributes from its factory in Leamington Spa in Warwickshire but also factors the manufacture of high volume products in Latin America and through its subsidiary company in the Far East.

As well as being supplied as standard with most Harlequin Bunded Oil Tanks and all Harlequin Fuel Stations and available as an option with Harlequin Bunded Fuel Point Diesel Tanks, the Bund Monitor can also be bought on separately at

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