Time to Titan Up on Rainwater Harvesting, says TankDepot.co.uk

29th April 2007
As well as being one of the most freely available commodities, rainwater is also one of the most precious. But each and every year millions of British homeowners, householders and businesses allow millions of litres of rainwater to disappear quite literally and needlessly down the drain.
However, with water restrictions and hosepipe bans becoming an ever more common part of the British way of life, interest in rainwater harvesting and water conservation has never been stronger. Following an ever increasing number of enquiries from customers, online storage tank supplier TankDepot.co.uk last year introduced a new range of Bulk Water Storage Tanks. And despite only being on sale for less than 6 months, initial sales and interest levels as ‘healthy’.
Titan Rainwater Storage Tank
TankDepot.co.uk’s range of Bulk Water Storage Tanks is manufactured from Medium Density Polyethylene (MDPE) by Titan – one of the world’s largest rotational moulders, with manufacturing operations in the UK, Poland and Republic of Ireland.
Dependent upon application, Titan’s Bulk Water Storage Tanks are available in a choice of Potable and Non-Potable guises. Potable Water Tanks are designed for the storage of water intended for human consumption (i.e. drinking water), whilst Non Potable Water Tanks are designed for water that is not intended for human consumption. All Titan Potable Water Tanks are manufactured from WRAS Approved Materials and for further reassurance, carry complete WRC Approval.
A choice of 5 different capacities is available, ranging from 1,300 to 10,000 litres and all incorporating a space-saving, vertical design. For ease of installation, cleaning and maintenance, all models feature a sealed inspection aperture and factory fitted outlet as standard. They can be installed quickly and easily as either stand alone bulk storage tanks or can often be easily integrated into new and existing rainwater harvesting systems.
As well as benefiting the environment, rainwater harvesting and water recycling can benefit consumers and businesses too. Recycling water doesn’t only provide a means of bypassing hosepipe bans and water restrictions, but can result in significantly lower water bills for metered customers. An increasing number of Britons are beginning to recognise the environmental and financial benefits of rainwater harvesting and recycling.”
As the UK’s leading online storage tank supplier, TankDepot.co.uk can supply the full range of Titan Bulk Water Storage Tanks to customers throughout mainland Great Britain and Northern Ireland, with all products available to order online. As a customer focused business, VAT is clearly stated on all TankDepot.co.uk product prices and all stated prices are inclusive of delivery.
In addition to rainwater storage tanks, the company can supply a full range of heating oil, diesel, waste oil and admixture storage tanks from market leading suppliers including Derwent, Harlequin and of course, Titan. For more information on Bulk Water Storage Tanks, visit TankDepot.co.uk online at www.tankdepot.co.uk 

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