Harlequin previews 4G Tank Monitoring at FPS2007

21st April 2007
Harlequin Oil Tanks has previewed the very latest advance in local and remote tank measurement, at the Federation of Petroleum Suppliers’ Annual Conference & Exhibition.
The new Apollo Visual previewed at FPS2007 is the UK’s first Fourth Generation (4G) oil level monitor and is set to revolutionise how oil tanks are filled, as Harlequin’s John Switzer explains.
“Until now, tanker drivers filling a tank fitted with an electronic tank contents gauge have had to come armed with a Driver’s Handheld Unit. Or alternatively, they’ve had to cross their fingers someone’s home, take off their boots, enter the customer’s premises, check the remote contents gauge display, before putting on their boots again, to go outside and begin filling the tank... and all just to determine how much fuel is inside the tank.
“Not surprisingly,  one tank driver asked ‘How come they can put man on the moon, but as yet nobody’s developed a gauge which reads the level of oil inside the tank at the tank, as well as inside the customer’s home or office?’ So we mentioned this to our friends at Dunraven Systems Limited, and they devised a product which does precisely that.”
The Apollo Visual is manufactured by Dunraven Systems and builds upon the established Apollo oil level monitor - now firmly established as the market leader within contents measurement sector.
Like the standard Apollo, the Apollo Visual measures the level of fuel inside the tank and relays this information wirelessly to a receiver unit, situated inside the customer’s home or office, where it is displayed on an easy to read LCD display. The Apollo Visual is also fully compatible with the EMS remote tank measurement sector, which allows the level of fuel inside a tank to be securely monitored from an internet ready PC anywhere in the world.
Additionally however, the new Apollo Visual also incorporates a tank based display, which shows the level of fuel inside the tank, and usefully provides an indication of its proximity to the maximum fill level of the tank. Tanker drivers can now say ‘hello’ to quicker, cleaner, safer, easier refuelling, courtesy of the Apollo Visual and say ‘farewell’ to one of the most disliked items of equipment within the industry – the Driver’s Handheld Unit.
“As an environmentally responsible manufacturer, Harlequin is committed to working with stakeholders throughout the downstream oil industry to further minimise the impact of oil upon the environment. The arrival of the Apollo Visual is entirely consistent with this commitment; to commercialising the latest, market driven, advances within the ‘local and remote’ tank measurement sector; and to our corporate strap line, as manufacturers of ‘Common Sense Fuel Storage Solutions. That Work’.”, says John.
The Apollo Visual is expected to become available later this year on new Harlequin Tanks and additionally, will be available as an after-market option for pre-installed tanks. 

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