Harlequin goes Back To The Future at FPS2007

21st April 2007
Storage tank manufacturer Harlequin has gone back to the future at FPS2007, by previewing a new addition to the company’s range of oil storage tanks, in the form of the humble dipstick.
“Electronic gauges are great for installers and householders and new developments such as the Apollo Visual, makes them ideal for tanker drivers too.”, explains Harlequin’s John Switzer.
“However, many tanker drivers still demonstrate a preference for a visual reference point prior to filling. So that’s exactly what we’re offering them. For many years, the sight gauge served this purpose well. But today’s environmental requirements makes it impractical to fit a sight gauge to current generation, integrally bunded tanks. Therefore, at FPS2007 we’ve gone ‘back to the future’, with the addition of a dipstick on Harlequin tanks.
“Calibrated specifically to suit the size and shape of each tank, the dipstick cleverly and conveniently is attached to the underside of the tank’s inspection cap. This ensures there is no need to remove it from the tank. Equally ensures there is no risk of it falling into the bunded area, or into the inner tank. A specialist printing process has been developed specifically for this application and is used to apply calibration marks to the dipstick, reducing the risk of the marks being degraded by long term exposure to diesel or kerosene.”
Harlequin expects to commence fitting dipsticks to all domestic and light industrial tanks, with a capacity of 2,700 litres or less, later this year, following an enthusiastic response from visitors to the Harlequin stand at FPS2007.
“The response from tanker drivers has been fantastic and dipsticks will be phased in across the Harlequin range, during the remainder of the year. Together with the new Apollo Visual, which allows tanker drivers to see the level of oil inside the tank via an easy to read LCD display and the failsafe LRC system pioneered in the UK by Harlequin – filling tanks has never been easier, or safer.
“Initiatives such as the fitting of dipsticks to tanks, is entirely consistent with Harlequin’s commitment to producing, practical, cost-effective, ‘Common Sense Fuel Storage Solutions. That Work.’ It also demonstrates Harlequin’s commitment to working with stakeholders throughout the industry, to collectively take ownership of the ‘local and remote’ tank measurement agenda, through the provision of market led solutions in response to customer demands.”, says John.

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