Titan Environmental Launches Oil Assure Installer Initiative

16th August 2006
Leading storage tank manufacturer Titan Environmental, has just announced details of ‘OilAssure’ - a UK first for the storage tank industry.

The company claims that the OilAssure initiative will place it at the forefront in the race to take oil and fuel storage to the next level of safety and environmental responsibility. Through OilAssure Titan is endeavouring to lead the way in educating the customers about safe oil storage and compliance with both regulations and best practice.

Titan OilAssure is built around the need to have all oil and fuel storage facilities inspected and maintained on a regular basis. Anyone storing either heating oil or fuel for vehicle use should have an inspection carried out as part of annual maintenance programme. However, all too often this requirement is patchily applied and is often simply a cursory glance by a relatively untrained eye, claims the company.

In commercial applications the risk assessment section of the insurance will cover the on site storage of fuel and heating oil. Property owners and commercial sites will be encouraged to join the OilAssure scheme and, if there are concerns about the level of safety and regulation compliance, Titan Accredited Installers will be asked to inspect the site and advise on any action that needs to be taken.

OFTEC and the Environment Agency have both recently reinforced the need for regular inspection and industry experts believe that Titan’s OilAssure initiative will make it easier to comply with that requirement. The scheme has been welcomed by industry bodies including OFTEC. Richard Gales, Chief Executive, OFTEC, says, “It is encouraging to see the development of initiatives such as OilAssure, designed to encourage high standards within the industry, whilst reassuring the consumer that oil offers the best possible fuel option.”

Mark Brookes, Marketing Director, Titan Environmental, explains “Titan OilAssure is a first for the UK and highlights Titan’s commitment to raising standards within the oil industry. The scheme will benefit everyone including the commercial fuel user, domestic oil user and fuel distributors.

“The launch of this scheme is a timely one. There is a growing concern of the need to sideline less scrupulous tradesmen. Television programmes like Rogue Traders have increased consumer awareness of this problem. There is also a growing understanding of the need to be more considerate of the environment and to support initiatives such as this.”

The benefits of the Titan OilAssure initiative have already been recognised by a number of organisations, including property insurance companies.

Companies including AXA Insurance have identified that regular inspection of oil storage facilities will reduce the risk of spillage, leakage and the costs associated with such an incident. Encouraging upgrading of facilities can also reduce the risks of theft and misuse. AXA in particular are already working alongside Titan to encourage their brokers and agents to actively support Titan OilAssure and to help in the education process.

Douglas Dale, AXA Insurance, risk control manager-liability, says “This initiative will benefit both our existing and potential customers by providing them with a cost-effective, environmentally friendly scheme, which includes professional removal and controlled disposal of corroding or leaking tanks and the added benefit of installation of new tanks and annual inspection of the equipment. AXA Insurance is involved with this new initiative as it demonstrates our continued commitment to lead the way in new areas of environmental risk management in a professional and cost effect manner.”

Titan OilAssure is the second customer awareness initiative from Titan in recent months. The Titan Accredited Installer Scheme was recently launched. An integral part of the OilAssure, this scheme brings together the top oil tank installation companies in the UK ensuring that all installations meet all the requirements of OFTEC.

Titan OilAssure and the Titan Accredited Installer Scheme have been introduced by the company to further support the raising of standards across the industry and to increase the understanding and awareness of the benefits of oil amongst consumers and end users. A marketing programme is already underway with consumer newsletter distribution, mailings, press articles and promotions at ‘face-to-face’ events, all designed to provide support and explain the benefits of the scheme. The initiatives are also designed to counter many false claims made by competing fuel suppliers.

Membership of the Titan OilAssure scheme is free for the first year if signed up for before the 31st December 2006. Other benefits include a dedicated telephone advice line which has been set up for oil storage problems and an informative OilAssure newsletter. There will be a number of product offers exclusive to Titan OilAssure members. For more information on the Titan Accredited Installer Scheme or Oil Assure, e-mail
info@oilassure.com or call Titan Environmental on 0800 633 5717.
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