TankDepot.co.uk Welcomes New Heating Oil Tank Reporting Service

16th November 2013
Heating oil engineers will shortly be able to benefit from a new service offered by the Federation of Petroleum Suppliers (FPS), allowing them to report unsafe heating oil tank installations online.

The service, which will launch shortly, follows discussions between the FPS and the Heating Engineers & Allied Trades Federation (HeatFED), on the issue of heating oil tank safety. Whilst newly installed heating oil tank installations in the UK, can be reported directly to Local Authority Building Control, there is no similar mechanism for existing heating oil tank installations.

The new service is designed to address this loophole. Heating engineers, technicians and heating oil tank installers, will be able to submit details of heating oil storage tank installations which represent an immediate safety, environmental or fire hazard. Upon receipt, the FPS will issue a warning to its members. Fuel distributors will then be expected to exercise caution when asked to fill the tank. In the event the oil tank installation represents a significant hazard, the distributor will be able to refuse to deliver.

A spokesperson for HeatFED says, "As the UK's heating oil tank population matures, poorly installed and maintained installations are a growing cause for concern. Even a small domestic spill can cost upwards of £30,000 to resolve and many home insurance policies exclude coverage for heating oil spills. The situation was made worse by the fact that at legacy installations, engineers could do little, other than notify the householder of their concerns, since there no formal reporting procedure existed.

"The FPS's new mechanism represents real progress and we're delighted they have listened to and acted upon industry concerns. This new approach compliments existing industry initiatives and will help to further reduce the impact of heating oil upon the environment. The facility will be incorporated within a revised Oilsave website, which is expected to launch before the end of this year. We are confident it will be welcomed by responsible heating oil users, fuel distributors and heating engineers alike."

TankDepot.co.uk's Steve Beech says, "As a responsible supplier, we warmly welcome this new reporting system. It has always seemed something of a nonsense that whilst new heating oil tank installations could be reported to LABC, no similar process was in place to address dangerous legacy installations. Hopefully, this new system will successfully address this issue."

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Article Last Updated 16th November 2013
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