Check And Inspect Your Tank This Winter, Says Carbery

29th January 2013
With ice and snow having brought disruption to many parts of the country over recent weeks, it’s important that heating oil customers check and inspect their oil tank. As a heating oil user himself, Carbery Plastics’ Mark O’Connell provides useful advice on how consumers can keep their heating oil tanks in top condition all year round.

Mark says, “It’s important to carefully remove ice and snow accumulations from your tank – especially in areas where surface mounted seals are fitted. These will be found around fill points, inspection points, contents gauge attachment points and fuel tank vents. We'd also recommend snow and ice accumulations are removed from around isolation valves, sight glasses and filter bowls. And of course oil tank owners should make sure that all caps and lids fitted to the tank remain firmly closed.

“Whilst fuel theft occurs all year round, much of it occurs during the winter months, so it makes sense to consider protecting fill points and inspection points with locking devices. All new Carbery heating oil tanks benefit from lockable fill and access points as standard and retrofit kits are available for many older tanks too.  Additionally, oil tank monitors such as the Apollo Ultrasonic and Apollo Smart, can help homeowners and householders to keep an eye on how much fuel remains. They’re surprisingly affordable, can be fitted in minutes and allow you to monitor usage and help budget for your next heating oil delivery. I’ve one fitted to my own tank and I wouldn’t be without it!

"We’d also strongly suggest that all oil storage tanks are inspected and maintained annually by a suitably competent person, experienced in the installation and maintenance of oil storage tanks. Regular maintenance can help to eliminate freezing condensate, which is one of the most frequent causes of heating system failure during the winter months. Simply put water builds up inside any tank naturally, as result of condensation. If the condensate reaches a critical level inside the tank or oil supply line, it may begin to freeze. This will reduce and in some instances may prevent the flow of oil from the tank to the boiler. Furthermore, product warranties supplied by many manufacturers including Carbery are conditional that each tank is inspected at least every 12 months by an independently accredited, oil tank technician.

"Current generation plastic oil tanks will provide many years of useful service, if correctly installed and serviced. Keeping an eye on your tank during the winter months is time well spent and can help avoid disruption, expense and inconvenience when any snow or ice finally melts.” says Mark.

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