Apollo Leads The Fightback Againt Fuel Oil Theft

21st October 2012
Dunraven Systems, suppliers of Apollo ultrasonic oil level monitors, has unveiled a new range of anti-theft alarms developed especially to combat the growing menace of fuel theft from domestic and commercial oil storage tanks. The new range made its debut at the Oil & Renewable Energy Show in Manchester, offering oil users a choice of 4 different anti-theft technologies.
At the heart of each system is a tank mounted transmitter unit. The transmitter has been optimised to monitor variances in the level of fuel inside each tank and simply screws into the 32mm gland fitted as standard to modern storage tanks; no specialist tools or equipment are required. A long life, temperature resistant, lithium battery is supplied as standard, with an operational life of up to 10 years.
In the event of a theft event being detected, the transmitter unit sends an encrypted signal to a remote receiver unit. Dependent upon application, the receiver unit will activate one of several alarm options, alerting users that a theft is in progress.
  • Apollo Alert is ideal for heating oil and diesel users who are continually on the move. In the event of a fuel theft being detected, a text message will be despatched to the user’s mobile phone anywhere in the world.
  • Apollo Alarm operates along a very similar principle. However, instead of sending a text message to the user’s mobile phone, an external alarm box is immediately activated – alerting those in the vicinity of the storage tank to the theft event.
As well as anti-theft protection, Dunraven appreciates many consumers will also have a requirement to monitor the contents of their tank on an ongoing basis.
  • Apollo Smart is the world’s first heating oil energy monitor. As well as allowing consumers to remotely monitor the level of fuel inside their tank, Apollo Smart additionally allows them to track fuel consumption, CO2 emissions and heating oil costs on a daily, weekly, monthly and annual basis.
At the Oil & Renewable Energy Show, Dunraven unveiled the latest version of Apollo Smart which now incorporates an inbuilt fuel theft warning alarm as standard. As soon as a fuel theft event is detected by the on-tank transmitter unit, visual and audible warning alarms will be activated on the Apollo Smart indoor receiver unit – alerting homeowners and householders 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Dunraven is also making available a new tamper-proof module, which allows the Apollo Alarm transmitter unit to be integrated into both new and existing intruder alarm systems.
Speaking at the Oil & Renewable Energy Show, Gerry Jones Managing Director of Dunraven Systems Limited says, “The issue of fuel theft has probably never been higher on the agenda of homeowners, householders, fuel distributors and heating oil technicians alike. Recognising that no 2 fuel storage installations are the same, we’ve launched no fewer than 4 ways of combatting fuel theft, providing the marketplace with a choice of technologies and systems instead of a compromise.
“Initial feedback from visiting installers, technicians and storage tank manufacturers has been exceptionally positive. I’m confident that Dunraven will be at the forefront of the fightback against fuel oil theft.”
Dunraven’s new family of Apollo alarm systems will be available shortly from TankDepot.co.uk.

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