Check Your Tank This Autumn, Warns Age Scotland

5th October 2012
Age Scotland is urging older residents in rural areas to check the condition of domestic oil storage tanks and act quickly in order to prevent potential disasters.

There are 18,500 domestic oil tanks currently in use across Scotland, most being used for home heating or cooking facilities. Over time, tanks can split or spring leaks if proper care is not taken. Tank owners need to be alert about their general oil tank maintenance, as the result of a tank failure can be disastrous.

Not only is heating oil flammable but it is also poisonous to plants and wildlife - just two litres of oil could pollute the volume of fresh water needed to fill an Olympic-size swimming pool, deeming it unfit for consumption. Many drains lead directly to water sources such as lakes and rivers while contamination in drains will affect the water supply.

Age Scotland spoksman Greg McCracken said, "We've recently received a number of calls to the Age Scotland Helpline from older people and their relatives across the country seeking help with damaged domestic oil storage tanks. The cost of replacing these, as well as the additional cost of the lost oil, has run into thousands of pounds.

"Early autumn is very much the time that consumers should be checking their systems and filling up with oil, as it tends to be cheaper at this time of year before demand rises. Spending a little time and money on maintenance now could avoid the cost of replacing your tank in the future, as well as the cost of cleaning up any spills."

There are regulatory requirements for the installation and maintenance of oils tanks of greater than 2500 litres. Owners can find more information on these regulations on the SEPA website. Age Scotland has also published an online guide with tips for maintaining an oil storage tank.

Homeowners who are concerned about their current oil tank, can also get a wide range of help and advice from Harlequin's Customer Service Team. Remember, if replacing a damaged oil tank this Autumn/Winter, it makes sense to consider a bunded tank. Bunded tanks consist of a 'tank within a tank', with the outer tank capable of holding 110% of the inner tank's capacity. This means that even in the event of a total tank failure, a bunded tank can save your precious heating oil and can prevent a disastrous environmental incident from occurring. See Harlequin's range of bunded oil tanks and intelligent iTanks for more information.

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Article Last Updated 5th October 2012
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