OFTEC launches new Easy Guides to Oil Heating

3rd December 2006
OFTEC: The Oil Firing Technical AssociationTo help make life easier for oil heating installers and consumers, the Oil Firing Technical Association (OFTEC) has launched a new series of new Easy Guides covering oil fired heating or cooking installations.

The simple guides are targeted at consumers and are now available, covering five different subject areas:

> Fuels, chimneys and ventilation
> Domestic oil supply pipes
> Non domestic oil supply pipes
> Domestic oil storage
> Non domestic oil storage

The Easy Guides are designed to make life easier for Registered Technicians when explaining to customers why work needs to be done in a certain way, for example, if a bunded tank is necessary for a particular installation.

Now available for download from the OFTEC website, hard copies can also be ordered by calling OFTEC on 0845 65 85 080.

Accompanying the launch of the Easy Guides, is the re-writing of the OFTEC Technical Books 2, 3, 4 and 5.

According to OFTEC, the new versions are more in-depth, with clearer drawings and a comprehensive regional requirements section outlining the current Building Regulations for each region (for example: England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales etc.). Additionally, Technical Book 3 has been split into two parts with Part 1 focusing on domestic installation requirements for oil fired appliances and oil storage and supply systems, and Part 2 focussing on non- domestic oil storage and supply systems.

Copies of all OFTEC Technical Books can be obtained directly from OFTEC, with discounts available to Non Registered Technicians.

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Article Last Updated 3rd December 2006
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