Harlequin RainStation Tanks... The First Step In Resource Conservation

29th August 2011

Despite an ever-increasing emphasis being placed upon the conservation of natural resources, many Britons still struggle to minimise waste in their daily lives. But resource conservation doesn’t need to be difficult or expensive… one of the easiest ways to make a practical difference, is to invest in a rainwater harvesting system.


Rainwater harvesting tanks have been on the market for several years. While many require installation by a professional, every Harlequin Rain Station range can be easily installed without professional assistance and with a minimum of inconvenience and hassle. Furthermore, as all Harlequin Rain Stations are designed for above-ground installation, there’s no need to dig up your garden!


So how exactly do RainStation rainwater recycling tankswork? It’s simple... each RainStation connects directly to a standard downpipe via a rainwater diverter and filter, which gathers rainwater and pre-filters it before entering your tank. Any remaining dirt or debris travels along the downpipe in the usual way and does not enter your tank. The integrated 3P Technik diverter also acts as an overfill prevention device in the event of heavy rainfall, with surplus water redirected from the tank to the gutter.


Once in your tank, the collected water can be used for a variety of purposes. A conveniently located, factory fitted tap allows you to fill a watering can with ease. Additionally, RainStation Plus models are supplied with a market leading water pump as standard – enabling you to benefit from increased water pressure and flow rates when washing your car or watering the garden. Best of all... because the water comes from the sky and not from a tap, it’s a free, plentiful resource.


British made by one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of rotationally moulded plastic tanks, Harlequin RainStations are produced from mpremium quality materials which exceed all applicable, statutory requirements. When and which have been designed to provide the customer with a long-lasting and reliable source of renewable energy at minimal cost and installation effort.


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