TankDepot.co.uk Welcomes New Oil Tank Security Features

25th May 2011
Harlequin Advance Bunded TanksOnline bunded tank supplier TankDepot.co.uk, has warmly welcomed the introduction of additional, innovative, security features on Harlequin’s range of Advance Bunded Heating Oil Tanks and Fuel Station Bunded Fuel Tanks
Designed primarily for domestic installations, Harlequin Advance Bunded Heating Oil Tanks are available in a choice of capacities from 350 litres to over 10,000 litres. Fully bunded and engineered to exceed all applicable fuel tank manufacturing standards, Harlequin Advance Bunded Tanks can also assist in achieving on-site compliance with the most demanding environmental regulations too.
Harlequin Fuel Tanks: Fuel Station Bunded Diesel TanksManufactured in the UK, Harlequin Fuel Stations are purpose designed, fully bunded, diesel storage and dispensing tanks. Harlequin Fuel Stations successfully combine the assurance of supply that only an on-site fuel store can provide, with forecourt style, refuelling convenience. The result is a range of fuel tanks, which have become an established favourite at agricultural, commercial, industrial and institutional oil storage installations nationwide.
According to TankDepot.co.uk’s Technical Director, Steve Beech, the latest enhancements to Harlequin’s range of Advance and Fuel Station tanks, make a great range of tanks, an even better range of tanks.
“Whilst fuel prices have fallen back slightly over recent weeks, they remain at historically high levels. In that context, it is hardly surprising that for many consumers and end-users, protecting stored fuel has never been more important. For some time, all Harlequin Advance Bunded Tanks have been equipped with lockable manhole access, locking fill point and a lockable inspection point. By adding additional oil tank security features, Harlequin have made a great range of heating oil and fuel storage tanks even better.
Spin Secure Harlequin Bunded Tank Lock“All Harlequin Advance Bunded Tanks and Fuel Station Diesel Tanks now benefit from the revolutionary, Spin Secure Manhole Lock. When secured with its unique, magnetic key, the locking device spins freely – making it virtually impossible for unauthorised persons to remove, disturb or unlock. The lock is fitted as standard to manhole access points on all Harlequin Advance Bunded Tanks and Fuel Stations. It can also be found protecting access to fuel dispensing equipment on 1400FS and 2500FS tanks too, as well as the company’s all-new SL1300FS and SL2500FS Slimline Fuel Station models.”, adds Steve.
The Spin Secure locking device is also available as an extra-cost option as part of Harlequin's Bunded Tank Security Pack on all Harlequin Basic Bunded Tanks, together with selected Harlequin Fuel Point Bunded Diesel Tanks.
Harlequin Yale Bunded Tank Anti-Theft Alarm“Complementing the new Spin Secure Oil Tank Lock is Harlequin’s new Yale Electronic Padlock Alarm, which has been purpose designed for use with Harlequin Bunded Tanks incorporating internal fill and inspection points. The device uses a 60cm armed cable to secure the fill area and sounds a 100db alarm in the event of the cable being attacked. A motion sensor can also be activated, which activates the alarm in the event of the tank being disturbed. And best of all, the new Oil Tank Alarm costs just £24.00 including VAT and UK P&P - around 98.5% less than the cost of replacing fuel in a typical, 2,500 litres capacity domestic heating oil tank!”, explains Steve.
“For customers who require remote notification of any fuel loss, TankDepot.co.uk can also supply the popular WatchmanAlarm.
Titan Fuel Tanks: EcoSafe Bunded Heating Oil Tank“Available as both a retrofit option and supplied as standard on all Titan EcoSafe Bunded Tanks, the WatchmanAlarm uses a transmitter on top of the tank and ultrasonic level techniques to measure, continually, the level of oil in the tank.  The information is accessed wirelessly via the receiver, which plugs into a standard electric wall socket. The level of the oil is displayed on an LCD screen on the receiver. 
“When the level of oil in the tank is below 10 per cent, the fuel dispensing pump symbol appears – and a buzzer option can be added – indicating to the householder or end-user, that it is time to order more fuel.
"In the event of the oil level dropping at a rate that is not typical for an oil tank (more than 1.5 cm per minute), the receiver will emit a siren-type sound that indicates either a leak, or theft, is occurring. The Alarm is cheap to run and easy to install, attaching to any steel or plastic tank up to three metres in height.”, adds Steve.    

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