Guard against oil theft with the WatchmanAlarm

25th May 2011
Titan Fuel Tanks: EcoSafe Bunded Heating Oil TankMore than one and a half million homeowners, mostly in rural areas, are being urged to be extra vigilant as police report a surge in heating oil thefts across the country. The rise has been largely attributed to the dramatic increase in the price of crude oil over recent months – up to 70 per cent up.
As well as increased vigilance, police are recommending home-owners increase security around their tanks and fit a tank alarm, such as the market-leading WatchmanAlarm from Kingspan Environmental.  The alarm can alert owners that someone is stealing their oil as it happens, rather than hours or days later when the damage has already been done.
The WatchmanAlarm uses a transmitter on top of the tank and ultrasonic level techniques to measure, continually, the level of oil in a tank. The information is accessed via the receiver which is plugged into an electric wall socket within the home. The level of the oil is displayed on an LCD screen on the receiver. When the level of oil in the tank is below 10 per cent, the fuel dispensing pump symbol appears – and a buzzer option can be added – indicating to the householder that it is time to order more oil. In the event of the oil level dropping at a rate that is not typical for an oil tank (more than 1.5 cm per minute), the receiver will emit a siren-type sound that indicates either a leak, or theft, is occurring.
WatchmanAlarm Oil Tank Anti-Theft AlarmThe Alarm is cheap to run and easy to install, attaching to any steel or plastic tank up to three metres in height.  
Tank alarms are fitted as standard onto Kingspan Environmental’s Titan range of EcoSafe Bunded (Double Skinned) Fuel Tanks.  Storage of fuel or oil in a bunded tank (which offers additional protection to supplies from theft or leakage with its double-skinned layer) is always recommended.   The company also puts a sticker on the side of the tank telling any would-be thieves that the tank is alarmed, to act as a further deterrent.
Tony Soper, Kingspan Environmental’s Sales Director in Great Britain explains, “The WatchmanAlarm has been well received by the police forces we have spoken to.  Those in rural areas are only too aware of the problems associated with oil theft, particularly in the current climate.  Their job is made all the more difficult because most occur at night when the householder is asleep.”

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