Dunraven launches Apollo Smart, the World's First Heating Oil Energy Monitor at FPS Expo

13th April 2011
Apollo Smart Heating Oil Energy MonitorDunraven Systems Limited is launching Apollo Smart - the world's first energy monitor for oil heating systems at FPS EXPO in Harrogate, North Yorkshire.

Electronic home energy monitors have transformed energy consumption at millions of homes across Europe. They allow consumers to see how much energy they're using. But until now, many rural consumers have been unable to benefit fully from the home energy monitoring revolution, due to the absence of technology suitable for use with heating oil.
However, with the arrival of the revolutionary Apollo Smart Monitor... that's all set to change as Dunraven Systems' Managing Director, Gerry Jones explains, "The Apollo Smart Monitor incorporates revolutionary, breakthrough, technology to analyse fuel costs, energy consumption and carbon emissions. It does so on a daily, weekly, monthly and annual basis. Apollo Smart displays real time temperature information too, whilst the unique 'Days to Empty' function reduces the likelihood of consumers running out of heating oil.
"Apollo Smart also monitors the level of oil in a consumer's tank. And whilst most domestic oil tank monitors simply display the level of fuel inside the tank... Apollo Smart is different. It adapts for not only the height of the tank, but the shape of the tank too. This subtle yet significant difference, allows Apollo Smart to display an estimation of the volume of fuel remaining in both litres and as a percentage of tank capacity."
Apollo Smart can be integrated into almost any heating oil system in minutes; there is no specialist training, tools or wiring required. The system consists of just two components - a transmitter and receiver unit. The battery-powered, wireless transmitter can be quickly and easily affixed to the consumer's storage tank. It monitors heating oil levels and transmits this data securely to the receiver.
The receiver can be positioned up to 200 metres from the transmitter and connects with a standard electrical socket. Intuitive design and an easy to use, premium quality, LCD display, allow consumers to monitor average daily, weekly, monthly and yearly energy costs, fuel consumption and carbon emissions on demand.
For consumers who wish to analyse usage data further, an optional App, allows them to fully utilise the Apollo Smart's inbuilt USB connectivity. Data can be uploaded from the receiver unit to almost any PC or Mac for further analysis and review. The App also allows the system to be calibrated and recalibrated for popular storage tank models, making an accurate system even more accurate.
According to Gerry, the key benefit to consumers is that by better understanding their heating oil consumption, they can take measures to better manage and control it.
"Research quoted by the UK Government demonstrates that within 12 months of fitting electrical home energy monitors, electricity customers can expect to reduce their fuel bill by between 5% and 15%. That's a saving of up to 75 on a 500 bill."
"Apollo Smart provides consumers with comparable levels of functionality to a typical electricity home energy monitoring system. We expect that similar reductions in energy costs, fuel consumption and carbon emissions will be achievable with Apollo Smart. At a time when reducing emissions and tackling fuel poverty has never been higher on the agenda, Apollo Smart is uniquely positioned to reduce carbon output, enhance energy efficiency and reduce fuel costs at 1.7m heating oil installations across Great Britain and Ireland.", says Gerry.
TankDepot.co.uk has placed an initial stock order for Apollo Smart products and expects to ship the first systems to customers during Winter 2011.

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