LRC Technology Delivers the Future for Fuel Distributors

23rd April 2011
LRC Fuel Tank Delivery Management SystemImagine a fuel delivery management system, which not only prevents overfills, but enhances operational efficiencies, improves profitability and reduces carbon emissions. Now imagine that system also has the potential to pay for itself too. Well according to Gerry Jones, Managing Director of Dunraven Systems Limited - you don't have to imagine anything. The technology is available right here and right now, embedded within the company's LRC Fuel Delivery Management System.
Perhaps best known for it's market leading range of Apollo electronic oil level monitors and new Apollo Smart heating oil energy monitor, Dunraven is also the sole distributor of the LRC Fuel Delivery Management System to customers in the UK and Ireland. LRC type solutions are the most commonly used overfill prevention system in Western Europe. Manufactured in Austria by SecuTech, LRC technology already facilitates tens of thousands of efficient and environmentally responsible fuel deliveries everyday across Europe.
Each LRC System consists of three parts: an electronic probe which is affixed to the storage tank; a driver's handheld unit, for use by delivery personnel; together with a delivery control unit, fitted to the tanker. The delivery control unit is suitable for installation on both new and existing tankers, and the system is guaranteed compliant with all applicable British, Irish and EU regulations.
In the UK and Ireland, LRC is renowned for its failsafe overfill prevention capability - a capability which can be easily and seamlessly integrated into existing delivery and refuelling procedures.
"When delivering fuel, the driver connects the handheld unit to the electronic probe. The probe monitors the contents of the tank during filling. When the level of fuel inside the tank reaches the maximum permitted capacity, the probe sends a signal to the handheld unit, which in turn wirelessly alerts the delivery control unit. Filling is then automatically and immediately discontinued.", explains Gerry.
However, in addition to eliminating overfills, LRC can also play an important role in maximising distributor productivity and enhancing distributor margins.
"The handheld unit allows delivery personnel to control the filling operation from the tank they are filling, instead of from the tanker. The unit's functions allow operators to control the hose reel, control pump speeds and delivery flow rates. Importantly, the unit also allows delivery personnel to manually start and stop both the pump and the tanker.", says Gerry.
"By effectively eliminating the requirement for drivers to continually run between tank and tanker, delivery time is reduced, the risk of accidents is reduced, less time is spent on site, whilst delivery personnel retain full autonomy of their operations. Costs are reduced yet further, as the tanker only needs to be in operation when the delivery pump is actually transferring fuel. Simply put, when the pump isn't running, the tanker isn't consuming diesel and it isn't emitting CO2. In light of current high fuel prices, this cost saving is potentially very significant to distributors, as too is the resulting decrease in CO2 emissions.
"Indeed, one Irish fuel distributor found that when they added LRC to their tankers, they were getting 2 additional deliveries each day; increasing efficiency and reducing cost. At a time when diesel prices are high on the agenda of every fuel distributor, the savings provided by not running the engine continuously on-site and being able to stop and start the pump on demand are significant. Additionally, fatigue and operating time was reduced, the risk of overfills was eliminated and customer satisfaction levels were increased.
"In summary, the addition of LRC systems represented the single most significant action this distributor could take, to reduce costs and enhance their bottom line. And as diesel costs proportionately more in the UK than it does in Ireland, the potential cost reductions for UK distributors, could be greater still.", concludes Gerry.

Dunraven Systems Limited can supply LRC systems which are suitable for use with Admixtures, Agricultural Fuel Oil, Biodiesel, Bioheating Oil, Diesel, Gas Oil, Heating Oil, Kerosene and Petrol... in fact almost any liquid which can be transported by road tanker.
In accordance with the requirements of OFTEC's OFS T100 Oil Tank Manufacturing Standard, LRC sensors are fitted as standard to all Harlequin Bunded Oil Tanks, Harlequin Fuel Oil Tanks and Harlequin Biodiesel Tanks supplied by Additionally, LRC sensors can be purchased directly from for fitting to other makes of tank.

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