TankDepot.co.uk Sales Surge After Single Skin Oil Tanks Deletion

13th February 2010
Leading online oil tank specialist TankDepot.co.uk has reported a surge in monthly sales following the company’s decision to delist Single Skin Oil Tanks and focus instead upon Bunded Oil Tanks 

Orders received by the Derbyshire company in January 2010 were a massive 59.7% ahead of January 2009. That trend has continued into February with TankDepot.co.uk reporting monthly sales for February significantly ahead of last year.  For the third month in a row, the company’s best selling oil tank in January was Harlequin’s 1300BND Advance Slimline Bunded Heating Oil Tank.  
TankDepot.co.uk Director Steve Beech says, “The decision to delete Single Skin Oil Tanks from 1 January 2010, acknowledged the reality that at most oil storage installations today, the installation of an uncontained Single Skin Oil Tank is illegal.
“Whilst other oil tank suppliers have previously played around with the idea of adopting a Bunded Oil Tank only policy, TankDepot.co.uk was the first national supplier to act. Since then, we are heartened that after initially appearing to adopt a ‘wait and see’ approach, other suppliers have decided to follow TankDepot.co.uk’s lead by delisting Single Skin Oil Tanks altogether.
“Unlike Bunded Oil Tanks, Single Skin Tanks incorporate no protection whatsoever against the risk of spills. Therefore in the event of a spill or when the tank reaches the end of its useful life, an environmental pollution incident will almost certainly result. Put simply, there’s never a good reason to install a Single Skin Oil Tank, which is why at TankDepot.co.uk we no longer sell them.”
The success of TankDepot.co.uk’s Bunded Tank Only approach comes as the Department for Communities & Local Government (DCLG) review oil tank installation requirements contained within Approved Document J of the Building Regulations in England and Wales. 
“Whilst Bunded Oil Tanks are mandatory at virtually all new and replacement commercial, industrial and institutional installations, Approved Document J currently adopts a risk based approach to product selection at domestic oil storage installations. However the risk assessment contained within Approved Document J is difficult to understand. Indeed, there are now even reports of some Building Control Officers apparently struggling to understand the very Regulations they are responsible for implementing. And whilst there is often much to commend a risk based approach, in the case of oil storage tank installations – we’re not managing risk, we’re managing certainty. At the end of almost any oil tank’s useful life, it’s almost certain there will be a spill. And unless that tank is bunded, it’s all but certain there’ll be a pollution incident.
“OFTEC and storage tank manufacturers have put together a compelling case for Government to follow the industry’s lead and similarly adopt a Bunded Tank Only approach to all new and replacement domestic oil storage installations. Indeed, according to storage tank manufacturer Harlequin, mandatory domestic bunding would result in a saving of c.£12.5 million per annum to the economy in England and Wales.
“So the introduction of mandatory bunding at all domestic oil storage installations, isn’t a case of extra cost or extra expense. It’s a way of saving money. And its a way of benefitting the environment. At TankDepot.co.uk, I’m proud to say we’re playing our part in doing both.”  

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