Visit at EBEC 2009

1st August 2009
Leading online storage tank reseller, has teamed up with Harlequin, to attend EBEC 2009 – Europe’s largest biofuels exhibition.’s Steve Beech says, “This will be the third successive year we have partnered with Harlequin at this important event, which attracts not only visitors from within the UK, but a growing number of overseas visitors too.

“Working alongside Harlequin, we will be seeking to inform visitors of the importance of environmentally responsible fuel storage. We have observed that amongst some biofuel users, there is a misconception that the storage regulations for biofuels are somehow less demanding and less onerous than for traditionally refined fuels.

“However, at most installations, UK law makes no distinction between the storage requirements for biofuel and regular grades of Diesel and Heating Oil. Fundamentally, exactly the same requirements apply.

“Harlequin’s BioBund and BioFuel Station ranges can assist biofuel users in achieving compliance with applicable UK fuel storage regulations. Manufactured from a specialist, chemical grade of Medium Density Polyethylene, Harlequin’s BioBund and BioFuel Station ranges are suitable for the storage of liquid biofuel produced in accordance with the requirements of British Standard BS EN14214.”

Organised by Biofuels Media Limited, EBEC is the largest bio-energy event to be held anywhere in Europe. This year, EBEC is being held at Stoneleigh Park, near Coventry from 8th to 10 October 2009. For more information and to register for the event online, visit 

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