TankDepot.co.uk makes a Point with new Harlequin 5000FP

2nd June 2009
Harlequin 5000FP Fuel Point Bunded Diesel Storage and Dispensing TankOnline fuel, oil and water tank specialist TankDepot.co.uk has extended its range of ‘Harlequin Fuel Point’ Diesel Storage Tanks, with the introduction of a new 5,000 litre model.

Designed for the safe, secure and environmentally responsible storage of Diesel fuel, the new Harlequin 5000FP Fuel Point builds upon the success of the UK manufacturer’s existing 1,400 and 2,500 litre capacity models. Fully bunded and engineered to ensure compliance with the most demanding British and European requirements, the new 5000FP offers Diesel users an inherently robust, fit for purpose and regulatory compliant fuel storage solution.

Steve Beech, Director with TankDepot.co.uk says, “Since their launch in 2006, Harlequin Fuel Points have become established as our best selling Diesel Storage Tank across the group, to the point whereby sales of Fuel Points are greater than our sales of all other models combined. The arrival of a 5,000 litre model ensures that success is set to continue.

“Like the smaller capacity 1400FP and 2500FP models, the new 5000FP is sure to be a welcome addition to the range. It offers Diesel users a non-nonsense, fit for purpose and inherently well thought out storage solutions, and represents fantastic value for money. Each 5000FP is supplied as standard with a high performance electric fuel pump, fuel resistant delivery hose, dispensing nozzle with automatic shut off, overfill prevention device and electronic oil tank contents gauge.

“Additionally, customers can choose from a variety of extra cost product options, including particulate filter and mechanical fuel flow meter. The 5000FP is suitable for use with Biodiesel blends up to B5 and in accordance with British Standard BS EN14214, Gas Oil to BS2869 and Diesel to BS EN590.”

The arrival of the new Harlequin 5000FP, brings the total number of Diesel Storage and Dispensing Tanks offered by the company to 29 – available in a choice of capacities from 430 litres to over 10,000 litres – from market leading manufacturers including Harlequin and Kingspan Environmental’s Titan subsidiary.

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