Apollo focuses on New Markets and New Products at FPS Expo

7th May 2009
Apollo Electronic Oil Tank Contents GaugeTankDepot.co.uk supplier Dunraven Systems Limited, suppliers of the Apollo Electronic Oil Tank Contents Gauge has reported 'strong interest' at the recent FPS Expo exhibition in Harrogate, North Yorkshire.
Organised annually by the Federation of Petroleum Suppliers, FPS Expo brought together over 2,000 delegates and over 100 exhibitors under a single roof. It is now firmly established as the largest exhibition of its type for the downstream oil industry, to be held anywhere in Europe. 
Dunraven is probably best known for its market leading Apollo Electronic Tank Contents Gauge, which pioneered ultrasonic tank measurement in the British Isles. Indeed, since the Apollo was first launched, it has sold more units in the UK than all other ultrasonic tank measurement systems combined. The company's products arenow the preferred choice of leading storage tank manufacturers, including Carbery and Harlequin.
FPS Expo provided an opportunity for Dunraven to display its products to an even wider audience, including many visitors from mainland European markets, seeking an affordable and reliable tank measurement solution.
At FPS Expo, the company displayed its recently launched Apollo Visual. Like the original Apollo, the Visual model consists of a transmitter and a receiver unit. The transmitter unit sits on top of the tank and determines the level of liquid inside. This data is then relayed wirelessly and securely to the receiver unit, which cleverly and conveniently plugs into a standard electrical socket, and where it is displayed on an easy to read LCD display.
However, in addition to the standard features of the original Apollo, the Visual also uniquely incorporates an LCD display within the transmitter housing. This enables tanker drivers to monitor the contents of the tank during filling, usefully reducing the risk of an overfill. It also eliminates the requirement for tanker drivers to arrive at site armed with an old-fashioned, handheld tank monitoring unit. Just like the original Apollo, the Apollo Visual is suitable for use with tanks storing Adblue, Agricultural Fuel Oil, Biodiesel, Diesel, Heating Oil, Lubricants, Water and Waste Oil.
As a business, Dunraven claims to be fully committed to continued product innovation. So whilst the Apollo Visual has only recently arrived in the marketplace, at FPS Expo the company previewed the Apollo Alarm system. Designed to work in conjunction with the Apollo Visual, the Apollo Alarm connects wirelessly to an existing household alarm system. In the event of a sudden drop in the level of oil inside the tank, a signal is sent to activate the property alarm thereby alerting the homeowner and deterring potential fuel thieves. A similar system which will sound an indoor alarm is also scheduled for launch later this year.
Speaking at FPS Expo, Gerry Jones, Managing Director of Dunraven Systems Limited said, "Despite the credit crunch, we had a fantastic response from delegates at FPS Expo in Harrogate - many of whom are already familiar with the original Apollo Electronic Oil Tank Contents Gauge. Tanker drivers in particular were quick to appreciate the benefits of the Apollo Visual, whilst the Apollo Alarm concept caught the attention of tank installers and oil heating technicians keen to add even more value to their service offerings.
"We also noticed an increase in visitors to the stand from other European countries, who were quick to appreciate the potential of an affordable, easily installable and commercially successful, electronic tank contents gauge with proven reliability. I am already following up on these initial contacts and expect to see a further increase in sales outside Ireland and the UK."
Based in Co. Louth, Ireland Dunraven Systems Limited is a leading designer and supplier of liquid storage and monitoring equipment. Best known for the Apollo family of Electronic Tank Contents Gauge systems, the company also supplies a range of ancillary equipment including Tank Control Systems, Oil Tank Fitting Kits, Failsafe Overfill Prevention Systems and Remote Tank Monitoring Systems. For more information on the company and its products, visit Dunraven Systems Limited online at www.dunravensystems.com 

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