Alarmed over Fuel Oil Theft?

3rd February 2009
Incidents of fuel theft in the UK have decreased almost as quickly as heating oil and diesel prices over recent months. But householders and homeowners seeking further reassurance, need look no further than for a low cost and easily fitted oil tank alarm system.

The new Watchman Alarm, builds upon the success of Kingspan's best selling, Watchman family of electronic oil tank contents gauges.

Just like the standard Watchman Sonic oil tank contents gauge, the Watchman Alarm consists of a transmitter and a receiver. The battery powered transmitter unit is fitted to the tank, whilst the receiver unit simply plugs into a standard 13 amp electrical socket.

The transmitter unit measures the level of oil inside the tank and relays this information to the receiver unit, where it is displayed on an easy to read LCD screen.

Additionally, the Watchman Alarm's transmitter unit includes an audible alarm. In the event of a sudden and unexpected drop in the level of fuel, the alarm is activated, providing an immediate alert and allowing for preventative action to be taken - even if that is simply switching on an external light.

The Watchman Alarm will be available for despatch from 1 March 2009. However in the meantime, customers can pre-order, by visiting online.

The Watchman Alarm is one of several oil tank security products available from the UK's leading online reseller of fuel and oil storage tanks. Other security products available from, include lockable fill points and lockable inspection points, compatible with most Harlequin tanks - as well as selected models from other leading manufacturers.

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Article Last Updated 3rd February 2009
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