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9th October 2006
More affordable than LPG, frequently more efficient than mains gas and less polluting than solid fuel, oil is a great choice for home heating. Indeed, in some parts of the UK, more homeowners and householders choose oil for home heating, than mains gas, LPG, electricity and solid fuel combined.

One of the real benefits of oil heating, is security of supply. Unlike mains gas, you’re not at the mercy of pipelines and transmissions networks, but instead you’ve a safe and secure store of fuel on your property and in your tank.

Heating oil is a highly refined fuel, bursting with energy and unlike LPG which is highly explosive – heating oil isn’t even flammable at normal temperatures. With oil heating, you also choose which supplier you buy your fuel from, how much you buy and when you buy it. There’s no need to enter into long term supply contracts, and no standing charges to pay.

However, in times past, one of oil heating’s greatest advantages, could also prove to be one of its pitfalls. Simply put, there was always the risk of running out of oil. But now with the advent of cost-effective, highly reliable electronic tank monitoring systems... running out oil can become a thing of the past!

Leading storage tank supplier, can offer homeowners and householders a choice of electronic tank monitoring systems from leading market leading manufacturers.

Since its launch in the early 1990’s, the Oil Watchman has become a byword for electronic tank measurement. Over the past decade, the Oil Watchman has been subject to continuous product development. Manufactured by Sensor Systems, hundreds of thousands of systems are today in use throughout the United Kingdom and across western Europe. Current generation Oil Watchman systems are feature packed with the very latest technology and are easy to use and easy to install.

The Oil Watchman Niveau is ideal for retrofitting to existing single skin storage tanks and consists of three parts – an acoustic probe, a transmitter unit and a receiver unit. The probe is placed inside the tank and determines the level of fuel remaining. This information is collated by the transmitter unit which relays the information wirelessly to the receiver unit, which cleverly and conveniently fits into a standard domestic electrical socket. The receiver unit displays the information as a volumetric measurement, via an easy to read LCD display, which usefully incorporates low level and low battery warning alarms.

The Oil Watchman Niveau is supplied complete with full instructions, a 12 month guarantee and five year battery and is available for order at for only £64.95 including VAT, postage and packaging to any UK address. Quick and easy to calibrate and install, the Oil Watchman Niveau can be fitted in minutes with no wiring or specialist tools required. can also supply the Apollo electronic tank monitoring system, which is designed for installation on both single skin, bunded and double skin tanks. Utilising the very latest ultrasonic technology, the Apollo consists of just two parts... a tank mounted transmitter unit and a receiver unit which is fitted indoors. The tank mounted transmitter unit measures the level of fuel remaining inside the tank and sends this information to the receiver unit, which plugs into a standard three pin, electrical socket. The information is displayed via an easy to read LCD display, which also features low level and low battery warning alarms.

The Apollo is ideal for retrofitting to any single skin or bunded tank up to 3 metres tall and is suitable for use with agricultural fuel oil, diesel, home heating oil, kerosene and water... though obviously not all in the same tank! Supplied complete with 7 year battery, 3 year warranty and full product instructions, the Apollo can be easily installed with no specialist tools, training or equipment required. Currently, the Apollo system is available from at the special promotional price of only £64.95 including VAT and delivery to any UK address.

For complete peace of mind, both the Apollo and the Watchman are compatible with the very latest depot based tank measurement systems. These allow your fuel distributor to monitor your tank remotely from their depot, and allow you to combine the benefits of oil heating, with an unrivalled assurance of supply.

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