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27th May 2008
Oil tank security is an issue that has never been higher on the agenda. As the UKís leading online oil tank supplier, TankDepot.co.uk provides practical advice for homeowners and householders on how to secure their oil tank.
Firstly, would you leave £1,500 lying around your back garden and in full public view? Of course, you wouldnít. Yet a typical 2,500 litre domestic oil tank can contain up to £1,500 worth of heating oil. Recognising the value of fuel stored inside a tank is the first step to securing it.
Oil tanks obviously need to be accessible, so they can be easily and safely filled. But that doesnít mean they should be positioned in full public view. Instead, try and position your oil tank somewhere that is convenient, yet concealed from nearby pavements and roadways.
Secondly, fences, trees and plants positioned a short distance from your oil tank can be useful in shielding it from prying eyes and can also add colour to your garden. But avoid, positioning trellises or plants too close to an oil tank Ė there are legally enforceable separation distances between oil tanks, plants and adjacent structures to minimise the risk of a fire spreading from an adjacent structure. Your local OFTEC Registered Oil Tank Technician or Building Control Office can provide more advice in this regard.
Thirdly, your choice of tank is important. There are two types of oil tanks Ė bunded oil tanks and single skin oil tanks. Old fashioned single skin oil tanks can be fitted with as many locking devices as you wish. But whilst they may provide reassurance your tank is secure, the reality is that they will deter only the most opportunist of thieves.
By contrast, a bunded oil tank consists of a tank within a tank. Whilst bunded oil tanks are primarily designed to act as a failsafe in the event of a spillage, they are also considerably more difficult to gain access to, than old-fashioned single skin oil tanks. Usefully every bunded oil tank supplied by TankDepot.co.uk comes complete with a lockable manhole lid as standard. And even the largest bunded oil tank today costs considerably less than the fuel stored inside it!
Fourthly, remember that locks fitted to your tank are only part of the solution. Put yourself in the position of a thief... just how difficult would it be to gain access to your oil tank? Thatís why itís important to make sure that any gates on your property are locked and just as importantly, stay locked when not in use. In fact, by leaving your property unsecured... itís not just your oil tank thatís at risk.
Fifthly, most thieves have no wish to be part of the celebrity culture. They prefer to shun the limelight rather than bask in it. Modern CCTV systems are not just affordable and easy to use. But being wireless, they are also incredibly easy to install. Best of all, they can now be easily bought for under £100... or a whopping £1,400 less than the cost of replacing the contents of a large domestic oil tank.
Sixthly, whilst weíre trying to shed some light on how to secure your oil tank... itís also worth shedding some light directly on to your oil tank too! Motion activated security lighting is practical, affordable and easy to install, but just remember to make sure you adjust the position of the sensor, so it activates when someone approaches the tank.  
And finally, remember to monitor how much oil you actually use. There have been cases of householders looking rather stupid after it transpires their oil hasnít been stolen at all. Instead, theyíve simply lost track of how much theyíve used and unexpectedly ran out. Remote, electronic oil tank contents gauges like TankDepotís Apollo and Oil Watchman systems can help to make running out of oil a thing of the past... and also helps avoid embarrassing conversations with your home insurance provider, not to mention your local Police force.
Itís important to remember that whilst reported instances of fuel thefts are rising, they are still very much the exception as opposed to the rule. And of course as the price of heating oil rises, then victims of heating oil theft are much more likely to report the crime which in itself explains part of the reason for the rise. The fact remains that itís most unlikely that you will ever have your heating oil stolen.
For thieves, fuel oil is difficult to handle, difficult to store and difficult to sell on. The market for suspiciously cheap heating oil from dubious sources is at best rather limited. For the average criminal in fact, there are much easier ways to make money than stealing heating oil. But by reviewing your oil tank installation and taking a few sensible and common sense precautions, you can make the criminalís life harder still.

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Article Last Updated 27th May 2008
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