Harlequin BioBunds debut online at TankDepot.co.uk

14th May 2008
Online storage tank specialist TankDepot.co.uk, has added Harlequin’s new range of BioBund BioDiesel Storage Tanks to the company’s fast growing range of fuel and liquid storage tanks.
Traditional oil tank grade polymers are inherently unsuitable for long term exposure to BioDiesel. Harlequin BioBunds are therefore manufactured from the same, high performance, specialist polymer as the company’s range of BioFuel Stations, launched to widespread acclaim at BioDiesel Expo 2007.
Ideal for connection to remotely located fuel dispensing units, all Harlequin BioBunds are supplied complete with factory fitted 1 inch diameter, Stainless Steel Top Outlet, Non Return Valve and 80 micron Strainer. A choice of four models is available, from 1,450 litres to 10,100 litres, ensuring that whatever the size of the storage requirement, there is almost certainly a BioBund to suit.
Harlequin’s BioBund range is an important new addition to our range of Bunded Oil Storage Tanks. Since the launch of Harlequin’s BioFuel Station range at BioDiesel Expo last year, we have received an increasing number of requests for a competitively priced, BioDiesel storage tank that can be quickly and easily connected to a remotely located fuel dispensing unit.
With the launch of the BioBund range, Harlequin has responded to that demand with a range of tanks that not only meets, but exceeds the storage requirements for BioDiesel blends of up to B100 and produced in accordance with British Standard BS EN14214.
And for complete peace of mind and reassurance, every Harlequin BioBund is fully compliant with the requirements of The Control of Pollution (Oil Storage) (England) Regulations 2001 and The Water Environment (Oil Storage) (Scotland) Regulations 2006.
The addition of Harlequin’s British made BioBund range, brings the total number of BioDiesel storage tanks offered by TankDepot.co.uk to seventeen. A choice of 12 different capacities is available from 1,300 litres to 10,100 litres.
Complementing Harlequin’s BioBund and BioFuel Station ranges which are both suitable for BioDiesel blends of up to B100, TankDepot.co.uk also offers Titan’s BioMaster 30 range which is suitable for lesser blends of up to B30.

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