Harlequin previews 650 litre Bunded Oil Tank at FPS Expo

25th April 2008
Leading storage tank manufacturer and TankDepot.co.uk supplier Harlequin, has unveiled another new addition to the company’s growing range of Bunded Oil Tanks, with the launch of an all-new 650 litre model at FPS Expo, Dublin.
The new tank has been primarily designed to take oil heating to places that were previously the preserve of mains fuels, such as ‘natural’ gas and electricity. At only 670mm wide and 1715 mm long, the 650BND/ENV Bunded Slimline is ideal for smaller domestic installations, incorporating today’s high efficiency, condensing oil boilers. It also complement’s Harlequin’s existing range of 1,000 litre, 1,100 litre and 1,300 litre Slimline Bunded Oil Tanks, providing installers with an unrivalled choice of space-saving Slimline Bunded Oil Tank options.
Harlequin’s Marketing Manager John Switzer says, “Today’s modern, high efficiency, condensing oil boilers are highly efficient and indeed, frequently more efficient than their mains gas and LPG counterparts. Not surprisingly as boiler efficiencies have increased, installers have been asking the question ‘If today’s boilers use less fuel than ever before, then why have oil tank sizes stayed the same?’.
“The 650BND/ENV usefully that question, as well as taking oil heating to places previously out of reach. Lightweight, easily handled and easy to install, the 650BND/ENV is ideal for smaller domestic applications, where space is at a premium and where larger capacity tanks may simply prove too big. At many installations, the 650BND/ENV may be the difference between the customer choosing oil, or opting for mains gas or electricity.”
Despite its compact dimensions, the 650BND/ENV benefits from the same added value specification as other Harlequin Bunded tanks and is bristling with the very latest fuel storage technology. Available with a choice of top or bottom outlet, each 650BND/ENV is supplied complete with Apollo ultrasonic oil tank contents gauge; factory fitted fill, vent and inspection points, lockable manhole access, bund warning alarm, failsafe overfill prevention capability and lockable manhole access. Top outlet models feature Harlequin’s ‘Ecoflex’ top outlet system incorporating floating suction pipe, isolation valve and non-return valve; Bottom outlet models are supplied with a 1” BSP bottom outlet and oil tank connection pack.
The arrival of the 650BND/ENV model brings the total number of Bunded models offered by Harlequin to 46, available in a choice of 13 different capacities ranging from 350 litres to 10,100 litres. In addition to Harlequin’s standard Bunded range, the company also offers its unique Polyrock range, available in a choice of sandstone and granite colourways. The 650BND/ENV will shortly enter production at Harlequin’s Advanced Manufacturing Centre in Northern Ireland and will be available online from TankDepot.co.uk together with Harlequin Accredited Resellers across the United Kingdom, Republic of Ireland, Belgium, Czech Republic, Belgium, Denmark and France.

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