1 April Deadline for Next Stage in Scottish Oil Tank Regulations

19th March 2008
With less than a fortnight to go, the next deadline for compliance with the Water Environment (Oil Storage) (Scotland) Regulations 2006 is fast approaching, warns leading oil tank supplier TankDepot.co.uk.
From 1 April 2008, oil tanks installed in Scotland at agricultural, commercial, industrial, institutional and larger domestic installations, within 10 metres of surface water, or within 50 metres of a borehole will have to comply with the new Regulations. Remaining oil tanks will have to comply by 1 April 2010.
The Regulations which are designed to minimise the impact of oil upon the Scottish environment, set minimum design standards for the storage of oil at above ground facilities. The Regulations apply to types of oil, including diesel, mineral oil, heating oil, lubricating oil, waste oil, vegetable and plant oil, and biodiesel. Non-compliance is a criminal offence and could result in a fine of up to £40,000.
Key requirements for oil storage tanks above 200 litres include positioning the tank to avoid accidental damage; the provision of a secondary containment (sometimes referred to as a ‘bund’) to catch and spills or drips; the provision of protection against possible pollution originating from valves, filters, sight gauges and ancillary equipment; and the provision of adequate protection of above and below ground pipework.
The Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) has produced a useful guidance note to assist with implementation of the new Regulations. Copies can be downloaded from the SEPA website at www.sepa.org.uk which also contains copies of the Regulations, together with a useful FAQ section.
As the UK’s leading online oil tank supplier, TankDepot.co.uk can offer a comprehensive range of oil storage tanks to assist Scottish companies in achieving compliance with the Regulations. For heating oil storage installations, a full range of Bunded Oil Tanks are available from two of the biggest names in the industry – Harlequin and Titan, including Harlequin’s unique Polyrock range of Bunded Oil Tanks, which is available in a choice of sandstone and granite effect colourways.
For diesel storage, dedicated bunded storage and dispensing tanks are available for immediate despatch. The range includes Fuelmaster diesel storage tanks from Titan; together with Fuel Station and Fuel Point models from Harlequin. Irrespective of model, manufacturer or capacity chosen, all TankDepot.co.uk Diesel Tanks incorporate integral bunding and are supplied complete with a choice of electric pump, fuel resistant delivery hose, fuel dispensing nozzle – complete with automatic shut off.
Harlequin 1400FS Fuel Station Bunded Diesel TankArguably the cleanest and greenest of all liquid fuels, TankDepot.co.uk hasn’t forgotten about BioDiesel either! For BioDiesel grades of up to B30, Titan’s BioMaster 30 Tank Range is ideal; whilst for companies and individuals who are serious about ‘future proofing’ their fuel storage requirements, Harlequin’s BioFuel Station range, is suitable for the storage of BioDiesel blends up to B100. A wide choice of models and capacities is available – up to 10,000 litres.
TankDepot.co.uk hasn’t forgotten about waste oil either – offering legally compliant Waste Bunded Oil Tanks and Oil Recycling Banks which are ideal for use at workshops, vehicle dealerships, factories, marinas… indeed, anywhere there is a requirement to store waste oils and lubricants!

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