Don't Slip Up When Stocking Up, Warns

29th March 2012
With the prospect of industrial action by the majority of the UK’s fuel delivery drivers making the news headlines, online storage tank specialist is advising large diesel users to be careful they don’t fall foul of oil storage regulations when stocking up on diesel.
“There’s a very real danger that diesel users could solve one potential problem and create another, if they don’t take heed of diesel storage regulations.”, says Director, Steve Beech.
“We’ve already heard reports of businesses stockpiling IBCs containing diesel, ahead of any industrial action. But in many instances, businesses may be committing a criminal offence, unless such storage is undertaken in accordance with diesel storage regulations.
“The storage of diesel in England is subject to The Control of Pollution (Oil Storage) (England) Regulations 2001 and similar legislation exists elsewhere in the UK. The regulations establish minimum standards for the storage of all kinds of oil and failure to comply with them is a criminal offence. Storing fuel externally in uncontained IBCs, or simply attaching a gravity fed hose to a tank designed for heating oil, is unlikely to ensure regulatory compliance.
“The Control of Pollution regulations contain specific installation and product design requirements for the storage of diesel. Storage containers greater than 200 litres capacity must be bunded; tanks should be of sufficient strength not to burst in ordinary use; and there are detailed requirements for the installation and positioning of fuel delivery equipment too.”
However, according to Steve, regulatory compliance is not as demanding as it may sound.
“Leading storage tank manufacturers such as Harlequin and Kingspan’s Titan subsidiary, manufacture a wide range of approved diesel storage and dispensing solutions. When installed in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions, they can assist in achieving compliance with all current and expected British and European oil storage requirements.”, explains Steve.
Titan’s DieselStore and Harlequin’s Fuel Point range provide purpose designed, entry level diesel storage solutions which are ideal for commercial, industrial and agricultural premises. Each tank can be installed in minutes and is supplied complete with a 230v AC high performance, fuel delivery pump, diesel resistant dispensing hose, forecourt style trigger nozzle and contents measurement device. A range of options can also be supplied, including fuel filter, flow meter, electronic contents gauge and spillage detector… and perhaps, best of all, they’re made in the UK too. With prices starting at just £829+VAT for a 1,300 litres capacity tank, on-site diesel storage has never been more affordable.
“As well as static tanks, can also offer a comprehensive range of mobile refueling solutions too from market leading manufacturers, including Cemo, Harlequin and Titan.”, says Steve. “Ideal for construction and agricultural applications, this new generation of ‘go anywhere tanks’ is designed to simply strap on to the back of almost any pick up, providing complete refueling flexibility. And of course, all mobile tanks supplied by are fully compliant with all UK and international requirements, including UN-ADR regulations.”
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