Harlequin's New iTank Range Now Available on TankDepot.co.uk

17th February 2012
With the arrival of Harlequin’s new, iTank range, gone are the days when your oil tank simply stored oil. The revolutionary new and intelligent monitoring technology incorporated into Harlequin’s latest ‘iTank’ range means that as well as storing oil, your oil tank can now tell you how much fuel you’re using, when you’re using it, how much it’s costing you and when you’re likely to run out.
Now available from TankDepot.co.uk, Harlequin’s brand new ‘iTank range of oil tanks not only monitors your oil levels, but actually analyses usage and spend on a daily, weekly, monthly and annual basis, courtesy of Harlequin’s new i-Track electronic heating oil energy monitor. And iTank’s highly accurate monitoring technology means that you can see exactly how many days’ fuel you have left in your tank at any given time!
According to Harlequin, iTank is not only the most intelligent oil tank on the market. It is also one of the most secure tanks available in the UK today, with iTank Pro models incorporating a Harlequin internal alarm lock, incorporating a 100dB sounder, an external Spinsecure tank lock, securing the manhole lid, and i-Track’s remote alert system, which notifies the householder in the event of an unexpected fuel loss or theft. This same alarm feature is also a useful means of being alerted when you are about to run out of oil.
So... there’s no need to get caught out this winter and even better, you can use iTank to plan your oil purchases wisely according to price trends! Finally, iTank isn’t just an intelligent tank, it’s also a greener tank (and we don’t mean the colour!). By providing you with information on your CO2 emissions, iTank can help you take your first steps in ‘going green’.
Complementing the iTank range is Harlequin’s new range of HQi Bunded Heating Oil Tank models. In making intelligent monitoring technology accessible to everyone, every new HQi tank is supplied with a 33mm i-Track fitting point as standard – meaning you can choose to upgrade your tank with i-Track’s intelligent monitoring technology whenever suits you.

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Article Last Updated 17th February 2012
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