TankDepot.co.uk Demonstrates Its Commitment To Value This Summer

18th July 2011
TankDepot.co.uk, Britain’s online fuel, oil and water tank specialist is continuing to demonstrate its commitment to offering great value products this Summer, with new, lower prices on products across the company’s range.
Having recently lowered prices across Titan’s market leading range of Ecosafe Bunded Heating Oil Tanks, the storage tank specialist has now lowered prices on other products too.
Harlequin Fuel Point Bunded Diesel Storage TankHarlequin Fuel Points have always been popular with customers seeking a ‘no frills’, regulatory compliant, bunded diesel storage tank. Every Harlequin Fuel Point is supplied complete with high performance, 230 volts AC electric fuel pump, 4 metre fuel delivery hose, automatic shut off nozzle, LRC failsafe overfill prevention probe, together with lockable fill, inspection and access points. A flow meter, fuel filter and the ever-popular Apollo oil tank contents gauge can also be specified as additional cost, product options. With the price of 1,400 litres and 2,500 litres capacity models now discounted by £20, Harlequin Fuel Points are set to become more popular than ever at agricultural, commercial, industrial and institutional installations across Great Britain and Northern Ireland.
TankDepot.co.uk has also reduced the price of the Apollo Ultrasonic electronic oil tank contents gauge. Fitted by more independent tank manufacturers than any other, comparable product, Apollo has become a byword for reliable, dependable, storage tank monitoring at heating oil and diesel fuel storage installations. Now just £49.16+VAT inc. UK P&P after a 10% price reduction, the Apollo Ultrasonic is ideal for installation at both new and existing fuel oil storage installations.
Spin Secure Fuel Oil Tank LockUsefully complementing the Apollo, is Spin Secure’s ever-popular fill point lock. Designed especially for use with oil tanks incorporating an industry standard 2” BSP diameter fill points, Spin Secure utilises novel, magnetically activated technology. The result is a product which is virtually impossible to remove without authorised access, providing protection against professional as well as opportunist thieves. During 2010, the Spin Secure Tank Lock was consistently TankDepot.co.uk’s best seling oil tank security product… and with a new, lower price of just £54.00+VAT inc. UK P&P that success looks set to continue throughout 2011.
With over 300 different products to choose from, TankDepot.co.uk is today recognised as the UK’s leading, national supplier of fuel, oil and water storage tanks. However, one thing you won’t find on TankDepot.co.uk are hidden delivery costs. Unlike some companies who offer a discounted headline price only to sneak in a hidden delivery charge when you click through the product page, all TankDepot.co.uk products include delivery to almost any mainland UK address… and many products are also available to customers in Northern Ireland too.

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