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19th June 2011
Harlequin Rain Master Rain Water Harvesting, Storage and Recycling TanksOnline Rainwater Harvesting and Bunded Fuel Tank specialist, has added an all-new new range of Harlequin Rain Master Commercial Rainwater Harvesting, Storage and Recycling Tanks.
Supplied complete with factory fitted outlet siphon, calmed inlet and 110mm diameter inlet pipe, Harlequin Rain Masters are ideal for installation at new or existing rain water harvesting installations.
Manufactured by 3P Technik, the integral outlet siphon exerts a skimming effect to remove particulates which are lighter than water e.g. flower pollen. A regular overflow from any rainwater harvesting tank is critical to promote optimum water quality. The calmed inlet is designed to minimise disturbance of residual sediment, but usefully also supplies the lower part of the tank with oxygenated water. This helps to ensure that stored rainwater is of the best possible quality, assisting it to remain both colourless and odour free.
Every Harlequin Rain Master also benefits from a 600mm dia. manhole, M16 cable gland and corrosion resistant eyebolt, which allows a submersible pump to be fitted, before, during or after installation. A bottom outlet connection also permits stored water to be pumped from the tank too.’s Technical Director, Steve Beech says, “As a result of the uncharacteristically dry Spring which affected many parts of the country, we’ve already seen the imposition of water restrictions in some areas.
“Not surprisingly, this has been reflected in increased demand for rainwater harvesting products, particularly for agricultural and commercial installations. Harlequin’s new range of Rain Master tanks addressed a definite market requirement for an added-value, rainwater storage solution."
Manufactured in the United Kingdom by Clarehill Plastics Limited from premium quality, Medium Density Polyethylene (MDPE), Harlequin Rain Master Tanks are available in a choice of capacities from 2,655 litres to 10,100 litres – and can be ordered online directly from

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