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14th June 2011
Online fuel tank specialist TankDepot.co.uk, has added the Apollo Visual Fuel Tank Level Monitor to the company’s fast growing range of fuel storage and tank monitoring equipment.

Apollo Visual Oil Level MonitorThe Apollo Visual builds upon the success of the original Apollo Ultrasonic, which is today fitted by more independent fuel tank manufacturers in the British Isles, than any other comparable product. Like the Apollo Ultrasonic, the Apollo Visual consists of a tank mounted transmitter unit and a receiver unit, which cleverly and conveniently fits into a standard, electrical socket.

The transmitter unit measures the level of fuel inside the tank. In addition to relaying this information wirelessly to the receiver unit, the data is also displayed on the transmitter unit’s, integral LCD display. This allows consumers to check the level of fuel remaining inside their tank, at the tank. It also permits fuel delivery personnel to monitor oil levels before, during and after refueling – reducing the risk of spillage during delivery.

Steve Beech, Technical Director with TankDepot.co.uk says, “The original Apollo has always been popular with TankDepot.co.uk customers and we expect the new Apollo Visual to build on that success. Apollo Visual allows customers to check fuel levels when at their tank, as well as indoors. Importantly, Apollo Visual also has the potential to reduce the risk of a tank being overfilled whilst being refueled.

“Like the Apollo Ultrasonic, the Apollo Visual is also fully compatible with the Apollo MaxFill, Driver’s Handheld Unit, together with Apollo RMS – the depot based tank management system, which allows fuel distributors to monitor customer stocks remotely.”  

The Apollo Visual can be installed in minutes with no specialist tools or skills required. It has been designed to fit into the standard electronic gauge aperture fitted to all modern British and Irish fuel tanks, with no drilling and no wiring required. Click here to find out more about the new Apollo Visual and buy online at TankDepot.co.uk.

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