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7th May 2011
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Online oil storage tank specialist TankDepot.co.uk, has unveiled an all-new website, with a fresh new look, as the Derbyshire company prepares to celebrate its fifth birthday online later this year - having first appeared online during August 2006.
Steve Beech, Director with TankDepot.co.uk says, “During the past five years, TankDepot.co.uk has pioneered the development of online sales within the fuel storage industry. TankDepot.co.uk has changed forever, how Briton’s buy tanks and created a whole new market sector, specialising in the online supply and distribution of fuel and water storage tanks.
“TankDepot.co.uk has however evolved considerably since we first went online. In response to customer demand, we’ve diversified into new product areas, including the sale and supply of specialist Adblue Tanks, Biodiesel Tanks and Rainwater Harvesting Tanks; the introduction of new payment methods; and we’ve sought to continually refine our online proposition, to help us better serve the needs of the most important people in our business – our customers.

“In 2010, TankDepot.co.uk broke significant, new ground when it became the first national reseller of fuel storage tanks to discontinue the supply of old-fashioned Single Skin Heating Oil Tanks, in favour of environmentally preferred, Bunded Tanks. Unlike, Single Skin Tanks, modern Bunded Fuel Tanks consist of a tank within a tank. Fuel is stored inside the inner tank, with the outer tank (or ‘bund’) acting as a failsafe in the event of a spill. I’m delighted to say that since then, many competitors have subsequently followed our lead, for the benefit and betterment of the UK environment.

“However, recognising that you don’t stay ahead by standing still, we took the decision earlier this year to launch an all-new website for TankDepot.co.uk. Developed by UK Websystems, the new site offers enhanced levels of functionality and presents visitors with a wider range of fuel and liquid storage products than ever before.”

Steve Childs, UK Websystems’ CEO says, “Having partnered with TankDepot.co.uk for the past 5 years, we were of course delighted to win the tender for the design and development of their new website. The new TankDepot.co.uk not only offers visitors an even better online experience, but also allows TankDepot.co.uk to effectively manage their online presence with the click of a mouse.

“The site is built upon the very latest version of our fully customisable, ‘eShopsUK’ e-business platform, which is itself based upon our last generation, highly successful eShopsUK software. eShopsUK provides TankDepot.co.uk with vast, real time control over their online business at the click of a mouse, with no external intervention required.

“TankDepot.co.uk staff can manage their product portfolio, monitor orders and analyse traffic patterns, in the knowledge that the routine aspects of their business are taken care of by the site. The result is an e-business platform which is flexible, fully customizable. It allows TankDepot.co.uk to maximise their online presence, whilst simultaneously minimising administration cost and effort, allowing the TankDepot.co.uk team to focus on growing and marketing their already, very successful business.”, says Steve.

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