TankDepot.co.uk Delists Single Skin Oil Tanks

22nd December 2009
Titan R1225TT Single Skin Oil TankOil Storage Tank specialist TankDepot.co.uk, has become the first national oil tank reseller in the United Kingdom to formally discontinue the supply of Single Skin Oil Tanks.
With effect from 1 January 2010, the Derby based company will only be supplying Bunded Oil Storage Tanks. All Bunded Oil Tanks supplied by TankDepot.co.uk have been engineered from the outset to exceed all applicable requirements contained within Environmental Alliance PPG2, The Control of Pollution (Oil Storage) (England) Regulations 2001, The Water Environment (Oil Storage) (Scotland) Regulations 2006, Building Regulations and comparable requirements throughout the United Kingdom.
Unlike a Single Skin Oil Tank, a Bunded Oil Tank consists of a 'tank within a tank'. The inner tank is the primary oil storage tank, whilst the outer tanks acts as a failsafe. In the event of a spillage, a discharge of fuel to the environment will be avoided and escaped fuel will be safely contained within the outer tank, or bund. Single Skin Oil Tanks however omit this important failsafe feature and in the event of a spillage, an environmental pollution incident will almost certainly result.
TankDepot.co.uk's Steve Beech says, "The storage of fuel oil is governed by strict regulations and Single Skin Oil Tanks are already illegal at almost all commercial, industrial and institutional installations. The installation of a Single Skin Oil Tank, where a Bunded Oil Tank is required can be a criminal offence.  
"At domestic installations, Building Regulations require that an Environmental Risk Assessment be completed prior to tank selection, to determine whether or not a Bunded Oil Tank is required. The Risk Assessment consists of a series of questions and surveys to identify the impact of a potential oil spillage upon local groundwater sources.
"In the real world however, the Risk Assessment is quite literally riddled with holes. For example, completion requires a thorough inspection of an area not less than 2,500 square metres. At most domestic installations this will be impractical. Even if a Risk Assessment is completed, it fails to provide any protection whatsoever to unidentified groundwater sources such as soakaways, aquifers and underground drainage channels. And whilst the Assessment provides wholly inadequate protection to groundwater resources, it provides no protection at all to surrounding property and plant life.
"Of equal concern is the fact that the Risk Assessment approach provides a loophole through which cowboy installers can all too often undercut responsible oil storage tank technicians, by installing a Single Skin Oil Tank where a Bunded Oil Tank is required.
"Sales to professional Oil Storage Tank Technicians are a significant part of TankDepot.co.uk's business. Quite understandably, they can get rather upset when they follow regulations, only to find they are subsequently undercut by a small cowboy element, consisting largely of installers who are neither professionally trained, nor qualified.  
"Admittedly, there will always be demand from cowboy installers for the lowest quality product at the lowest possible price. But as an environmentally responsible business, TankDepot.co.uk has absolutely no interest whatsoever in servicing such demand. We're more than happy to leave that sector of the market to less environmentally responsible competitors. However,  we do hope that other oil tank resellers will similarly review their product supply and stocking policies. Ultimately, we hope they decide to follow TankDepot.co.uk's lead on this important, industrywide issue." concludes Steve.
Ahead, of the destocking of Single Skin Oil Tanks by the UK's leading online oil tank reseller, supplies of Single Skin Oil Tanks are limited. The Derby based company has already discontinued its Harlequin range of Single Skin Oil Tanks and suggests that any customers requiring a Titan Single Skin Oil Tank for the few installations where they remain permissible, should order online as soon as possible.


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