TankDepot.co.uk reports growing interest in Biofuels at EBEC2008

17th October 2008

Leading online storage tank supplier TankDepot.co.uk has reported strong and continued interest in the company's range of BioDiesel Storage and Dispensing Tanks at the 2008 European Bioenergy Exhibition and Conference (EBEC) held recently at Newark, Notts.

Exhibiting at EBEC in partnership with storage tank manufacturer Harlequin, TankDepot.co.uk was looking firmly toward the future with a range of Bunded Storage and Dispensing Tanks designed especially for use with Biodiesel.

TankDepot.co.uk's Steve Beech said, "Unquestionably Biofuels have received something of a mixed press over the past 12 months. Some concern has understandably been expressed about land that otherwise would be used for food production, instead being used for fuel production.

"However at EBEC, the focus was very firmly upon looking beyond first generation Biofuels toward next generation Biofuels. Inherently sustainable, these are manufactured primarily from renewable waste streams such as used cooking oil, forestry by-products and even effluent, with no requirement to utilise land that would otherwise be used for food production.

Despite the development of many fuels still being in its infancy, TankDepot.co.uk can already offer a comprehensive range of storage solutions, designed for both current and next generation Biofuels.

On display at EBEC was Harlequin's range of purposed designed BioBund Bulk Biodiesel Storage Tanks. Fully bunded and manufactured from a specialist, Biodiesel resistant polymer, Harlequin BioBunds are designed to exceed the most demanding fuel storage requirements. They are ideal for the storage of Biodiesel produced in accordance with the requirements of British Standard BS EN14214 and can be easily connected to fixed pedestal type dispensing systems.

Also making an appearance at EBEC, was Harlequin's market leading BioFuel Station

Like the BioBund range, they are fully compliant with all current and expected British and European fuel storage requirements, including The Control of Pollution (Oil Storage) (England) Regulations 2001, The Water Environment (Oil Storage) (Scotland) Regulations 2006 and Environmental Alliance Pollution Prvention Guidelines PPG2.

For more information on Harlequin BioBunds and Harlequin BioFuel Stations, visit TankDepot.co.uk online at www.tankdepot.co.uk
range of tanks designed for the storage and dispensing of fuel. Effectively offering customers their own 'on site' refuelling solution, BioFuel Stations are designed for dispensing Biodiesel to motor vehicles, agricultural tractors and construction plant.  

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