OFTEC Publishes Bio Heating Oil Specification

27th July 2011
OFTEC: The Oil Fired Technical AssociationThe dawn of a new era for the British oil heating industry is now more likely, following the decision by OFTEC to finally publish an agreed, provisional specification for Bioheating Oil. A provisional specification was first mooted at last year's Oil & Renewable Heating Show in Coventry, but it has taken more than 8 months for an agreed version to be published by OFTEC.
The new B30K Biokerosene blend consists of a mix of renewable 30% FAME and 70% kerosene. Research undertaken by OFTEC has proven that B30K offers up to 28% lower emissions than traditional unblended kerosene. Overall, emissions are comparable to those of mains gas and significantly lower than liquefied petroleum gas (LPG).
Field trials last year in East Anglia and this year in Northern Ireland have confirmed that as well as being inherently suitable for 'new build' and new to oil installations, the fuel can also be used at existing oil heating installations with only very few modifications. Last year's trials were organised by a task force headed up by OFTEC and the University of East Anglia, with support from major oil heating equipment manufacturers.  Similar trials have now been established in Northern Ireland in a partnership between OFTEC and the Northern Ireland Housing Executive. 
Following the agreement of a provisional standard, OFTEC is now consulting with oil companies, fuel distributors and government, as to how to make the fuel commercially available at the right price to the more than 1.5 million homeowners and householders dependent upon heating oil throughout the British Isles. A key part of this process will see the trade association and competent persons' scheme registrar launch a political and press campaign to persuade government that bio-liquid fuels should be eligible for payments from October 2012 as part of the Renewable Heat Incentive.   
In an article on the OFTEC website, Director General, Jeremy Hawksley says "Bio-liquids will provide existing and new heating fuel users a viable alternative to 100% fossil fuels at a modest cost, and should ensure the long term future for the oil heating market in the UK and Ireland."

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