Harlequin previews new BioDiesel Tank range at FPS Expo

25th April 2008
Leading storage tank manufacturer Harlequin has launched an all-new range of BioDiesel Storage Tanks at FPS Expo.
Designed primarily for connection to remote retail dispensing units, the new BioBund range is manufactured from a specialist, BioDiesel resistant grade of Medium Density Polyethylene. The range is suitable for the storage of BioDiesel blends of up to B100 (i.e. BioDiesel with a bio element of up to 100%) produced in accordance with British Standard BS EN14214 and comparable standards across the European Union.
A choice of 4 capacities is available from 1,450 litres to 10,100 litres – and each tank is supplied complete with 1” diameter Top Outlet; Strainer; Non Return Valve; Apollo Electronic Oil Tank Contents Gauge; Bund Warning Alarm; Failsafe Overfill Prevention Capability; Lockable Manhole Access; together with factory fitted Fill, Vent and Inspection Points.
Harlequin’s Marketing Manager John Switzer says, “The BioBund range usefully complements the BioFuel Station range of dedicated BioDiesel Storage and Dispensing Tanks launched in 2007.  It provides a cost-effective option for the safe, secure and environmentally responsible storage of BioDiesel at retail sites and can be easily connected to remote, pedestal type dispensing systems.”
“Demand for BioDiesel continues to grow and the success of the BioFuel Station range bears testimony to this. We are confident that the BioBund range will play an important role in improving BioDiesel distribution and accessibility at smaller retail locations.”
Production of the BioBund range has already commenced at Harlequin’s Advanced Manufacturing Facility in Moira, Co. Armagh alongside the company’s BioFuel Station range, which was launched to widespread acclaim at BioDiesel Expo 2007. 

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Article Last Updated 25th April 2008
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