Harlequin confirms forthcoming Heating Oil Tank Price Increase

15th November 2009
TankDepot.co.uk has received notice from Clarehill Plastics Limited, manufacturers of Harlequin Oil Tanks of a forthcoming price increase.  
Harlequin Single Skin Oil Tanks will increase in price by approximately with effect from Friday 11 December 2009, whilst Harlequin Basic Bunded Oil Tanks, Harlequin Standard Bunded Oil Tanks and Harlequin Polyrock Bunded Oil Tanks will also increase in price at the same time.  
The increase is as a result of a number of factors, which have conspired to increase production and supply costs significantly. Polymer and component prices have increased recently, a situation exacerbated by the continuing weakness of Sterling against the Euro and other major currencies, whilst product distribution costs remain stubbornly high.  
Single Skin Oil Tanks have also been affected by reduced product demand. As the market moves toward environmentally preferred Bunded Oil Tanks, higher unit production costs from ever-shorter production runs of Single Skin Oil Tanks, must be recovered. Additionally, polymer and distribution costs represent a significantly greater proportion of Single Skin Tank Costs, than other products and it has therefore proven necessary for manufacturers to increase Single Skin Oil Tanks by a greater amount than Bunded Tanks.  
To beat the forthcoming price increase together with the increase in VAT from 15% to 17.5% in January 2010, customers are urged to place their order online at TankDepot.co.uk.

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Article Last Updated 13th December 2009
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